Secrets of the earth plan

Secrets of the earth plan, message received in Alexandria, Egypt

Time has come to reveal more secrets as to your earth plan.

You have all come here for a reason, some of you have been called, others felt the need to be here at this time.

Not all of you came with a pure hart.

But when this trying time is over, you will have decided for yourself the route you are going to take.

There is a uniqueness in each of you and this needs to be released and integrated in you.

By releasing I mean understanding this part of you, and by integrating, I mean accepting and let it become part of what you show not only to yourself but also to the outside world.

But for now, I ask you first to take a deep look inside yourself.

What is it that made you come here?

Why are you doing this and why do you want to be part of this special moment in time.

Let’s give you a moment to go inside and feel your deepest desire.

Is that a desire to make it work, or is there some doubt or maybe even fear of what this will mean for you and the planet.

This is not something to be taken lightly.

It will have an effect and it might be greater than you think.

Remember these are the first steps into a new world.

No one has gone before you.

Many will come after you.

You are all responsible for something very magnificent that is going to happen.

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This is the first time in your earth history that the universal consciousness is being re-opened.

And not just for special initiates, but for everyone on your planet.

This will have great consequences, so much more then you can see right now.

So, tell me brothers and sisters, friends of mine.

Are you ready to take on this responsibility?

Are you ready to change the world as you know it forever?

If there is any doubt or fear let it come now.

And decide if you want to release it or hold on to it.

Many things will change; people will start taking different roles.

Some of it will be the work that is now done by others.

This is your soul’s plan.

Are you willing to accept these changes in your life?

Ahhh, that makes it even harder to decide, doesn’t it?

What if after all this is done, your work here is done as well.

Can you accept that?

Think about it and feel what it would be like.

What do you see?

Look at your future.

Working with the light can be done in many ways.

Which one do you think your soul chose in this life.

Is it sitting at home spreading love to every being and this planet, or maybe it’s traveling the world spreading the light, love and teachings.

Whatever it will be, it is important for the earth and the people upon it.

But is it important enough for you to follow this path.

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In the beginning of this message I said I would reveal more secrets.

Well what you have just heard is the biggest secret so far.

They are not really secrets, but truths that are hidden deep beneath all that you have been taught.

Many secrets are hidden deep into your soul and will be revealed to you when the time comes.

And this will be sooner than you think.

I know many of you are still having a feeling of not knowing, not understanding.

What you are about to do will open the pathway to these answers.

Don’t get disappointed or doubt yourself when you are not receiving everything at one time.

This is a process of integrating new ideas and it will happen over a period of time.

Many pathways will be opened this month and more will follow, and you will learn about them and teach some of them.

And you hear me say at this moment.

As time flies by you will learn about each and every one of them and integrate the energies of them, anchoring them in the planetary grid.

And you will see more and more changes in the people and the world around you.

You see, there is not really a secret, everything is there inside you. Waiting to be explored and understood.

Or maybe that is the biggest secret that still many people do not understand.

You are the earth, the sky, the water and the fire.

You are everything that is.

There is no fear on our side.

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There is no doubt in our minds.

This is happening, the world is changing.

And you are entering it at a vast pace.

No one can stop this.

This is why you and I are here.

The final destination is planet earth, fully conscious, living in peace and harmony.

A fairytale comes true.

I leave you for now but will be back soon with more revelations about the secrets hidden beneath everything.

I go with love and gratitude in my heart for each of you.




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