“The Dark Forces” and “New earth reality”

We all have heard about them, Dark Forces, the ones that work against us, the ones that work against awakening, trying to prevent us from becoming the masters we are and much more.

Most humans think that once they become so called “more light” the dark forces will not be able to interfere, they will cease their interference.

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Choices, beliefs and intent matter. With all the turmoil on earth, in every country, the division between humans and their reality is becoming obvious. Now lightworkers tend to say:” I am not watching it”, “If I am not watching I cannot be influenced by it”.

Reality is you are influenced by it, as you are all connected into the human consciousness. You think you are influencing the human consciousness by staying within a space that keeps you in a higher frequency,

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Atlantis is here, building New Earth has begun!!

Atlantis, many that are on earth right now have memories of Atlantis and other eras or times where the world was different.

Many have different memories of these times, and this can be explained by the fact that there has been more than one Atlantis in different areas upon earth.

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Can we really unplug from the Matrix we live in

This is one of the biggest questions we have as we find more information as to how this reality upon earth is in fact controlling our way of living and even thinking at times.

I have tried to go back into space and time to find more information as to what this matrix or control reality upon earth is and how it came into place as well as how it is being used.

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Now what’s Next?

I am Lord Kuthumi and I come to you upon the Platinum Ray of Silence and Wisdom.

Today you have seen and experienced the new energies and what they are doing to your thought patters, you life and your world.

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Isis on 12-12 and the energies that will be coming in with meditation to connect to those energies

I would like to give you a bit more information about 12-12 and a meditation that can help you in opening up to these energies more consciously.

12-12 is the date where you start setting your intent to open up more consciously to what is happening to you and your planet.

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2012 and beyond, left behind

2012 is coming soon, and more opportunities will come after that as no one is left behind.

As we all know these are important years and every year that comes after this is more important because of all the changes that are happening.

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Secrets of the earth plan

Secrets of the earth plan, message received in Alexandria, Egypt

Time has come to reveal more secrets as to your earth plan.

You have all come here for a reason, some of you have been called, others felt the need to be here at this time.

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Jerusalem, Twelve Tribes of Israel

Jerusalem, Isreal. Twelve Tribes of Israel, Kuthumi 08/07/07

I received this message while I was in Jerusalem.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel are re-united and the Rainbow Children of Light
are re-ignited to bring forth the New Jerusalem manifesting Heaven on Earth
in the Holy land.

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Crazy. Do you feel like you’re going crazy?

Crazy. I have been talking to many people lately, and the main thing was a feeling of going crazy, feeling lost, lonely. Nobody understands me.

I have asked Kuthumi and Sananda if they would explain these feelings.

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