Now what’s Next?

I am Lord Kuthumi and I come to you upon the Platinum Ray of Silence and Wisdom.

Today you have seen and experienced the new energies and what they are doing to your thought patters, you life and your world.

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Kuthumi on the NEW 12 chakra system

I welcome you and I am here to assist you towards Ascension of yourself and the planet Earth.

We are all here gathered together to give you the knowledge you need to accomplish this special process of ascension into the 5th dimension that is happening on your planet right now.

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Money and the 7 Basic Steps to Ascension

Money and the 7 Basic Steps to Ascension

12-12 is the most important date of this year. A lot of you have been involved in the other dates like 11-11 being the biggest one so far.

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Secrets of the earth plan

Secrets of the earth plan, message received in Alexandria, Egypt

Time has come to reveal more secrets as to your earth plan.

You have all come here for a reason, some of you have been called, others felt the need to be here at this time.

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Jerusalem, Twelve Tribes of Israel

Jerusalem, Isreal. Twelve Tribes of Israel, Kuthumi 08/07/07

I received this message while I was in Jerusalem.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel are re-united and the Rainbow Children of Light
are re-ignited to bring forth the New Jerusalem manifesting Heaven on Earth
in the Holy land.

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Crazy. Do you feel like you’re going crazy?

Crazy. I have been talking to many people lately, and the main thing was a feeling of going crazy, feeling lost, lonely. Nobody understands me.

I have asked Kuthumi and Sananda if they would explain these feelings.

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Creation is your ability and responsibility

Creation is your ability and responsibility and for some time now I have been trying to bring out this message from the Masters of Light.

It has been hard on many light workers, but necessary to take the next step into Unity.

You are all Masters and we feel that many of you are ready for the truth.

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Unite, Peace, Love and Joy

Unite, Peace, Love and Joy. We have been talking about Uniting the light workers, but forgot to mention one thing. Unity can only exist if there is Unity within you.

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Unite. Ascended Masters Message

Unite and Welcome to everyone who reads this. We have been preparing this message for many weeks now and think we are ready. I, Kuthumi, volunteered and was chosen to deliver this message to all of you light workers out there.

Dearly beloved, our loved ones,

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Blue Light healing, what is it?

I have had many questions from people about what this healing system actually is or does. This is a completely new energy that is coming to earth and I have asked Kuthumi to explain it a bit more.

He tells me that the Reiki energy has been on earth for a long time, and with all the changes going on in the energies around the earth it is time for the next step up, as he calls it.

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