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  • The New Atlantis is here, building the New Earth has begun!!
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    Many that are on earth right now have memories of Atlantis and other eras or times where the world was different.

    Many have different memories of these times, and this can be explained by the fact that there has been more than one Atlantis in different areas upon earth. Not all of them were named Atlantis, but there have been several times where the earth reality got a new start.

    We are at such a time again, I think one of the difference is that at this moment more people are awake and we have more experience amongst all that are awake, as many have gone through some of those beginnings of new realities on earth.

    However, we are also in a time where the physicality experience upon earth is at its lowest point. We all know we are more than the physical. What many do not see that the physical is only an experience, we experience ourselves as physical, yet we are not. In reality, there is not a physical reality and spiritual reality. There is one reality and in that reality, we experience a part of our self as physical. The problem we face is that the part of us that experiences our self as physical has become the dominant part of our being and has slowly been disconnecting itself from all other parts of our being.

    Now this was due to circumstances, interferences and more, but looking at the past will not change that. We have to look forward. Understanding that we can learn from the past, but we cannot change the past.

    Understanding how we got here can help in understanding on how to move forward, but it can also hinder us in moving forward. What we do know is that we are now in a time where possibilities are opening up to begin another reality like Atlantis, this time hopefully without so many of the mistakes that led to the downfall of those realities. We also know this is a harder time to begin this new reality, as we have been disconnected even more from much of who we really are.

    It is a challenge, and it is each person’s own choice to take up this challenge no matter where we are upon earth. It is a time that will be challenging for all of us on earth, no matter what religion or belief system. But it is a possibility that lays before us right now.

    What is different this time from previous realities is that this time it is more about our own personal reality. The reality is less of a group effort and more of a personal effort. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be a change upon or within this earth reality, it will. But the change will be different, it will be a what many would call Atlantis, but an Atlantis that hopefully will be able to get through all the struggles that previous realities faced.

    I know many will say that everything will change automatically as the earth is moving into new energies, or frequencies, or dimensions. But this is only opening possibilities, it is not something that will actually change the reality, that is up to all that are here on earth.

    Can you be open to a new reality?

    Can you set your belief system aside?

    Can you be open to a reality that might not be at all like your own belief system?

    Can you be open to the fact that within your physical lifetime you might not see all the changes?

    There are going to be changes, we are already seeing them, but can you understand and accept what you might see as not the right change?

    Do you think you have it in you to do all these things without hesitation?

    Are you ready for this, this change we know we all have been waiting for?

    Can you set aside the HUMAN reality and more fully connect with your REAL reality?

    Are you willing to do the work on you? Just YOU at this time?

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Twelve Holy-Days/Nights of Epiphany,

Anchoring the New Earth Reality within our being.

It is time to prepare ourselves to birth the new earth reality as we have begun the year 2017, the year that calls in the new earth presence within our being. The new reality that is slowly anchoring itself upon earth. We are the anchors as well as the changemakers, as our being is here to support and integrate the changes that are part of the evolving reality upon earth.

Shortly into the new year the Holy-Day of the season is that of Epiphany (which means “insight”)–lasting from January 6th to January 17th (12 days). The Holiday of Epiphany commemorates the major insight or “Divine Revelation” experienced by the “Three (pagan) Wise Men” or “Magi” who were able to foretell (through the use of astrology) the birth of the Christ Child.

The Holiday of Epiphany is unique in that it is traditionally referred to as an “Octave Holiday” or the “Octave of Epiphany.” An Octave Holiday is generally a Holiday that follows another Holiday specifically for the purpose of raising the vibrations of the earlier one to a whole new level–the way a musical octave takes the previous musical note to a whole new level/octave. This means that the Holiday of Epiphany is meant to take the vibrations of the Christ within to an entirely new level.

In general, during the Fall and Winter seasons, life seems to fall into a slumber and mankind’s outer perception turns inward, away from the physical world–although most people are unaware of such spiritual subtleties. At this time, the soul is organically compelled to feel, navigate, and experience its own depths. To do otherwise, is to not be aligned with nature–which is one of the reasons for seasonal related illnesses–such as colds.

On these Twelve Holy Days/Nights of Epiphany, we are given a chance (unsurpassed by any other days of the year) to step up and create a new life. It’s part of the magic of birthing a new self, combined with the timing of starting a new year. But the twelve Holy Days/Nights also have their own sort of magic or power. You see . . . Christian Mystics know how to combine the Holidays with cosmic or planetary symbolism and alignments to further attune themselves with zodiacal forces released upon the earth and into the consciousness of mankind. Mystics (past and present) know that each of the Twelve Holy Days/Nights relate to one of the twelve Apostles and are under the direct influence of one of the twelve zodiacal Hierarchies–each projecting its cosmic ray through our planet and into our twelve energy centers.

The magic of this time-period dates back to a time, long before Christ. The ancient Ptolemaic calendar is based on a 365½ day orbit of the Sun. However, some early cultures followed the Moon phases as their yearly calendar. But the Moon calendar does not fit into the solar year. Instead, a lunar year is made up of twelve full-moon cycles, which are 354 days. This is twelve days shorter than our solar year–which is then a difference of twelve days between the two calendars.

Our Twelve Holy Days & Nights could be referred to as these “missing” days/nights. But during this time, the moon forces are absent on the Twelve Holy Days/Nights because the 12-cycle lunar year has ended, which means the forces of the sun are unopposed. So the sun is at its physical weakest but is cosmically at its strongest. During the lunar 354 days of the year, the sun simply shines down upon the earth and upon us to give us life–in the form of light and warmth. But during the unimpeded Twelve Holy Days/Nights, the spiritual energy of the Sun shines, not merely on the earth’s crust nor on our skin but instead shines into the heart of the Earth and into our hearts and souls.

The cosmic rays of the Sun call to the heart of the earth (and of mankind) to arise and awaken from our spiritual (and Winter) slumber. It’s as though it’s granting us twelve wishes–each related to one of the Holy Days/Nights and to one of the 12 zodiacal signs. And since each of these Twelve Days/Nights are a microcosm of the coming twelve months, whatever we focus on for these twelve days will determine the general theme of the next twelve months. Again, whatever we give birth to during the Twelve Holy Days/Nights will live on for the next twelve months.

During these Twelve Holy Days/Nights, it’s as though instead of the rays of the planets beaming their energy out toward our planet, it’s more accurate to say that there are rays streaming forth from our hearts and souls toward each star, planet and constellation–“placing an order” from each as to what we choose to experience from them for the next twelve months.

If we choose to use the Twelve Holy Days & Nights of Epiphany as a means of activating the highest level of initiation and awareness, then we have to move through each of the days with as much consciousness as possible. This means being consistent with our spiritual practices and seeing to it that our internal and external environment is kept as clear and loving and balanced as possible. In other words, it means creating sacred space inside and out. Remember, these Twelve Holy Days & Nights are a microcosm of the macrocosmic twelve months that will follow. 


January 6 – Virgo: The Virgin constellation. This night commemorates the virgin birth of Jesus. This constellation is symbolized in the Book of Revelation as a woman giving birth to the Sun. On this day/night, the soul must ask itself if it can be redeemed and forgiven despite all its imperfections. It must also find itself authentically humble and meek enough to be born in a stable/cave as an innocent child.


January 7 – Libra: This is St. Stephen’s Day. St. Stephen is believed by some to be the first Christian martyr who demonstrated great depths of faith and conviction. This Libran day/night is for learning to improve our ability to discern and make decisions with clarity and in alignment with our higher good.


January 8 – Scorpio: This sign is commonly represented by the eagle or phoenix. This day is also known as the Day of St. John, who wrote both the Gospel of St. John and the Book of Revelation. And of all the Apostles, he is known to have been the mystic Apostle. The Scorpio can see the deepest mysteries, partly because of its ability to soar higher than others and see everything with a “spiritual vision,” using its bird’s eye view. The Scorpion day/night is one of soul-searching to release any and all grievances–knowing that the spiritual heights cannot be reached while still holding the weight of unhealed wounds.


January 9 – Sagittarius: This is the day when Herod is thought to have murdered the innocent newborns in the region. The Sagittarian day/night asks us to focus our arrow (mind) on the grand plan, rather than on the temporary setbacks that usually call for “sacrifice.” Of course the ultimate lesson related to sacrifice is to learn that: 1) There really is no sacrifice if we understand that we never truly lose anything of value 2) That which is of no value cannot be called a “sacrifice.”


January 10 – Capricorn: This day and sign are connected to the Prophet Nathan, who was connected to many prophecies related to the coming Christ. The ancients often referred to Capricorn as the “Gate of the Gods” because it was believed that if we were evolved enough to walk through this gate, we could achieve anything. This day/night is related to the need to cleanse ourselves and our addictions on as many levels as possible. In so doing, we might then walk into a new life.


January 11 – Aquarius: This sign is connected with King David, who was every bit the physical king that Jesus would be–spiritually. He was a great king and well symbolizes the “Aquarian man.” The Aquarian day/night calls us to discover how to be the perfect and balanced god/goddess–a blend of Jesus and David (or Mother Mary and Magdalene). We are also called to follow only the for self, and others–as well as the greater good for all–as our guide.


January 12 – Pisces: This day is literally the end of the calendar year, as well as the end of the signs of the zodiac. So this is clearly about endings and the preparation for new beginnings. Religiously speaking, this is historically the “Day of St. Sylvestrus,” an early Pope of Constantine the Great, credited for helping Christianity to get its start. The Piscean day/night calls us to move through the early, clumsy stages of our beliefs and into spiritual adulthood. This involves being courageous enough to speak up against that which we find to be harmful.


January 13 – Aries: This is New Year’s Day and the day of new beginnings–especially with Aries being the first sign of the zodiac. This is also the day when Jesus was baptized and circumcised, as well as the day when his name was announced. The Aries day/night calls us to prepare for new beginnings but to do so in a form that is Guided by God–rather than jumping in “head first” on our own accord.


January 14 – Taurus: The next three nights represent the “Three Wise Men.” The Taurian constellation represents Melchior, the king who brought a gift of gold-honoring Jesus as a king. But, the Holy Night of Taurus also represents our ability to manifest gold out of thin air. Therefore, the Taurian day/night calls us to release our attachments to material things, as well as letting go of our limiting beliefs that abundance comes from material means, rather than from our own Source Being. We now are to learn to trust in Source to supply our daily bread and an abundance of miracles.


January 15 – Gemini: The next of the three wise men is Caspar, who brought the baby Jesus a gift of Frankincense–honoring him as a priest. But Frankincense also symbolizes duality, in that it liquefies into a molten–like resin and yet its essence rises to the heavens as smoke. The gift of Frankincense was acknowledging Jesus’ ability to make a difference in the material, while also open the doorway to the highest Heaven. The day/night of Gemini calls us to heal and release all forms of duality–particularly the dualities that most appear in our own lives–including the dualities that separate us from our own Source Self.


January 16 – Cancer: The last of the three wise men is Balthazar, who brought myrrh–foretelling of death/crucifixion of Jesus–as myrrh is used to anoint the dead. Myrrh is considered valuable, yet bitter. The Cancerian day/night asks us to get our priorities straight by recognizing that becoming our own Source must be of primary importance–even more so than our families (as Cancerians tend to love family above all else-almost obsessively). And so we are asked to face the bitter truth that some people will not appreciate our commitment to Spirit and that “Those who do the will of God are my family.”


January 17 – Leo: This day is also known traditionally as Simeon’s Day. He is the man who, when Jesus was brought to the Temple, cried out, “All is fulfilled. Now I behold the One Who is the Bearer of the Sun.” This day symbolizes the constellation of Leo the lion and the king/queen of the universe. This day/night calls us to recognize that the “last shall be first and the first shall be last”–meaning that we are only a great king/queen as much as we are able to surrender to God/Source as our crown or glory. 


To align ourselves with the Twelve Holy Days and Nights of Epiphanys is to align ourselves with the vibrations of the highest Holiday, as well as aligning with the planetary and cosmic forces of the universe. To best accomplish this during the Twelve Holy Days/Nights, it’s wise to live these Days/Nights with as much conscious intention as possible, as well as maintaining as much internal and external equilibrium as possible. Also, it’s advisable to keep a journal to note the ups and downs so you can prepare for their manifestation in the coming twelve months and to make necessary corrections.

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Anchoring the New Earth Reality for Each and Everyone upon Earth

We will also have a two day workshop after this on January 18 and 19, this as we are preparing the earth for the inauguration of the new president, who no matter what you think about him, will be part of the anchoring of the beginning of a new reality upon earth. We will be preparing for a smooth transition, we will be counteracting the energies of failure, and negativity to open up the energies upon earth to receive the new earth energies for each and everyone upon earth.

We will open up the space for a new beginning, as we are now moving into the first anchoring of what many call the new earth reality, the reality that is now slowly starting to show itself to the earth.

This cost for this two-day workshop is 10.00

We will have a conference call each evening at 10:30pm EST.

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Working in communication with the Ascended Masters and Source, we offer specific spiritual activations, clearings, and more, which the Ascended Masters have explained and shown to be pivotal in spiritual progress.

Since you are already a spiritual being also having a physical experience, incarnation, you already are all that. So the masters say that all that has to be done now, at this time, then, is the connection, the connecting, building those energetic pathways which allow your spirit to flow in to you, and to feel that you as well are flowing in to your spirit.

This is the focus of our work, and this is the principle that the Ascended Masters are maintaining behind the work. Everything that we are offering to you, the masters have attested to, and we have seen ourselves, actually on ourselves first, and with many others now, that energetic designs and systems within our human body have been changed.


A little bit about me. I have been a channel for the Ascended Masters for most of mylife, I have been teaching with the Ascended Masters since 2007. It has been a journey for me and my family, as we continue on the path of Cosmic Ascension in this lifetime. I hope You enjoy reading all the messages I have received over the years. Including some of my personal experiences during this time of transformation and spiritual awakening. It has been an amazing time and more is yet to come. Hope to see you here often, and maybe in one of our workshops or our Lightworker World Forum.



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