Unite, Peace, Love and Joy

Unite, Peace, Love and Joy. We have been talking about Uniting the light workers, but forgot to mention one thing. Unity can only exist if there is Unity within you.

We have been working long and hard with this channel and she has been guided to read the many messages that are out there.
Not much Unity in those, in either subject or what we stand for.

She has come to realize that Unity is also Peace. Peace of Mind, Peace of Heart, Peace of Soul.
Not an easy job in her life with all the distractions of other people and things happening in this world.
She is like everyone else, a husband, kids, work.

After going through all the feelings and emotions that are part of life, being sensitive to all that is going on inside and outside of her life, she has asked for Peace in her Heart, Mind and Soul.

She has asked with all her might for everything that is not needed to be released.
Not an easy job, but it can be done.

We have come to you today to tell you that it is possible to find that Peace inside yourself.
Peace, I keep on saying this word, it makes our channel laugh, because her little one uses a word that sounds the same for when she has done something in her diaper, after that she will say “ change” I am done.

This is what Peace will bring.


Once you have found it, you will never loose it, it is a part of what and who you are. Many channels have told you. We are ready, waiting for all of you to reach our goal.

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This is only partly true. This whole process was started many, many years ago. When each and everyone one of you decided it was time for Peace and Change.

It is already inside of you, and has been from the beginning, it is part of what and who you are.
Now is the time to reconnect with that part.

Yes, at this time many of you feel alone, you feel the pain and anger of people around you, inside of you.
You are influenced by what is happening at this time, and you think, how can there be peace in all of us. Look at what is going on, the wars, the hate among all these people.

You know all these feelings of hate, anger, pain are inside of you, but more important you also have the Love, the Joy and Peace inside of you.

The time is now to start releasing all of the anger, pain, fear, and start feeling the Love, Joy and Peace in your Heart, Mind and Soul.

You can take this step by simply saying.
“ Yes, I want to release everything that is not needed, release it from my Body, my Mind and my Soul. I want to be Peace. I want to feel Peace in my Mind, Body and Soul.”

This is a good time to work on this, the energies are calming down a bit after all the energy fluxes that have been going on this month.
This is the time to prepare yourself for the new energies coming in at 8-8-2006.
This will open a new portal of creation and energies that will release more light onto the earth.

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One more step on your path of self discovery to realize what and who you truly are.
Which is still mostly hidden behind the veil that is inside of you.
Peace in your Heart, Mind and Soul will lift the veil more and more.

The truth is inside you, but remember while discovering your truth, this is your truth alone at this point.
Respect others and respect their truth until we reach the final moment of Unity, where we all will be one in this Universe of Love.

We leave you with these thoughts.

Peace, Love and Joy belong together in Unity.

Unity of Mind, Heart and Soul is what brings Peace, Love and Joy.

With all my Love



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