I welcome you and I am here to assist you towards Ascension of yourself and the planet Earth.

We are all here gathered together to give you the knowledge you need to accomplish this special process of ascension into the 5th dimension that is happening on your planet right now.

Together with Sananda, Isis and Melchizedek, I have been working on making more information available in a way that is practical to use for your process towards your ascension.

Messages and information are our main goal, but we would like to provide you with something that you can actually use on a daily base if you like to.

Reason for bringing you this information that is focused on a specific part of your process, the

integration of 5 new chakras inside your physical body.

You have all heard about the 7 basic chakra system and some of you know there are more than these 7 chakras, only they are outside of your physical body.

Part of the Ascension process you are working towards is bringing in 5 new chakras into your physical body and to do this you have to work on clearing, balancing and have all 7 basic chakras fully opened.

Once all 7 basic chakras are open the new chakras will start integrating and they will be settling in different places inside your body.

These new chakras are called:

Seat of the soul

Spirit voice

5th dimension

Higher Self

Spirit Guide


Once this process is complete, chakra 13 called the Christ Consciousness or I Am Presence will be residing just above your crown chakra.

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So first things first, this is working on the 7 basic chakras, clearing, balancing and being able to have them completely open at all times. While doing this you can also work on the new chakras, they are going to need some clearing and being outside of your body doesn’t mean they are not influenced by what is happening in the physical.

At this time your planet Earth is working on this process as well and she will just like you bring more chakras into the physical planet. One thing you can do to help with this process is set your intent while working on clearing and balancing your own chakras.

Just set your intent that every part of you will help in assisting your planet earth in this process of clearing and balancing her chakras. Because everything you do has an effect on yourself but also the people around you and your planet benefits from this as well.[yuzo_related]

So what can you do to work in clearing and balancing the chakras?

We have decided to bring out this information in book form since it has to be for daily use and we want to give as much information as possible.

This E-book has all the information about the New 12 chakra system that we made available in our book The 7 Basic Steps Towards Ascension.

Working on integrating and balancing these chakras is one of the 7 basic steps.

But we have added something extra and this is a journey through all 12 chakras.

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This journey will teach you how to clear, balance and keep these chakras fully open at all times.

This meditation will teach you what these chakras represent and why it is important to have them open and spinning at all times.

This book also has full page pictures of each chakra so you can connect with them visually and with the energy they are representing.

We are working towards bringing more of these steps available for practical use in everyday life and we will be bringing out more information during this process.

Just know that we are fully dedicated to your ascension at this time and we do not take this lightly. This is our main focus and we are here to assist you whenever you call upon us.

We love you and wish for you many blessings upon your path.



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