Enlightenment, Ascension Mystery School

Enlightenment, Ascension Mystery School.

Enlightenment, Ascension Mystery School

Many people ask me how to join our school. Everything in our store is the path I have followed and my students have followed. We are on the path of Enlightenment and Cosmic Ascension, meaning full ascension into a Lightbody and moving out of the incarnation cycle of earth and this universe.

We are still working on this as it is not an easy path, normally it would take many lifetimes to complete all that is needed for this type of ascension. Many Masters have gone before us, working on their enlightenment and ascension for many lifetimes.

We are following the path of the Essenes, Egyptians, and many others like Jesus/Sananda and all that have come before us. But we are not just following the path, we are creating a new path, as we are going further than any of them has ever gone before.

We do not really have a school, we have created and are still creating the path of enlightenment and ascension. You can follow our path by following the program I have laid out in our Lightworker Store, and I will be available for questions and guidance through email.

If you do not want to follow the ascension path but just want to upgrade, become more aware, more awakened, follow the path of enlightenment and more, you can still follow the path.

You can go as far as what feels right for you at this moment. If you need guidance and have a specific goal in mind, just email me.

Have a look around and come back often as more will be added while we move on with our spiritual process of Enlightenment, Planetary and Cosmic transformation and ascension.

Almost all our activations, meditations and clearings are available as MP3’s.

You can find them all in our Lightworker Store


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