Families come together

Families come together.

Next year will be the year where more and more spiritual families will come together.

More people will be guided to move to the new energy vortexes that are being opened in your country.

There are 12 new energy vortexes being created right now. These are the places where old Atlantean crystals are being placed in the next couple of months.

This is connected with what we call the 12 tribes of Israel.

Each of these 12 groups is a representation of one of the 12 tribes. Once all 12 tribes are in place the crystals will be ignited and form the Star of David over the United States.

When the Star of David starts burning it will be time for us to come to you in real life.

The energy vortexes will start to open before this on 12-12 and this process of bringing people into the right place will be completely finished in the year 2009.

Now let me explain a little bit more about these groups that are representing the 12 tribes.

Many people will be called to work and live near these new energy vortexes.

These new energy vortexes are the places where most of the new teachers will be coming from.

Being in the new energies will help them understand the new teachings that are going to be available.

Many of these teachers will be traveling and they will bring the new teachings to you.

This is why we are constantly reminding you of the importance of being awake consciously.

To open up your mind and be able to receive what is happening around you consciously.

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To be open minded and not attached to old teachings that are in the way of understanding the new information that is coming in.

Yes, these are new teachings, but they will touch a place of knowing. An old place that has been inside of you for a long time and is now awakening.

The energy vortexes are the places you can go to and be in the energies. But it will not be limited to just these places, everywhere the new teachers are going they will bring that energy with them.

Some of these new teachings are about planetarian, solar and diamond galaxy teachings.

They are all connected to the preparation for the ascension into the 5th dimension and beyond.

They are also connected with the 13th Gate. There is an etheric 13th gate and a physical 13th gate. The etheric 13th gate will be opened next year. The physical 13th gate will be opened once all 12 energy vortexes are connected.

You are entering a new era of conscious living in preparation for the ascension.

You will find new families everwhere you go,

May you be blessed upon your path.




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