Welcome in the Blue Light

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Welcome in the Blue Light

Welcome in the Blue Light

We welcome you as you have joined us in our effort to unite the light workers on planet Earth.

The Blue Light Star System is the beginning of all our plans to unite all.

This is why we would like to take this opportunity to tell you why and how the Blue Light works.

The Blue Light contains each and all healing energies that are on earth right now.

We decided that by using one light, which raises the frequency of each energy, we can unite the healing energies that are on earth at this time.

If we can unite the energies, maybe then, we can unite all light workers as well.

We would like to explain this way that all energies are coming from the same source.

As all beings are coming from the same source.

There is nothing wrong with being different, every healing energy is different and has their own healing aspects.

That does not mean we cannot combine them and make them all one.

They are already one.

A lot of words for something simple, we are all different, we all come from the same source.

We are all one.

This is the message we bring with the Blue Light Star System.

Unite all light workers and then unite everyone on this planet we call earth.

Today is Valentine’s day, and we ask you to Love and Unite.

So we can move further and bring this planet into a place where there can only be Love and Light.


Sananda and Ashtar


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