The Path, climbing the ladder of consciousness and the importance of clearings

After watching the series “The Path” on Hulu, I see how many are looking for in reality a way out of this earth reality. I also understand more about why giving strict guidelines is not going to work. Each person has their own way, beliefs, and yes, truth.

Each person is looking for like-minded others, but without having to give up their own mind. I have always worked like that, but after watching the mindsets of people, even though it’s just made up, I know that there is a reason for working the way I have been for all this time.

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Awakening, Healing Physically and Spiritually

After teaching for a long time, I have learned that spiritual awakening is a process that takes interaction between our human spirit and all of us that is not within this human reality.

It requires healing of the human as well as our spiritual parts within the human and beyond our human.

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