Thank you, of course to the appointed guardians through time who have served as changers of consciousness and protectors of the Crystal Skulls.

There are many “Secrets” encoded in the Crystal Skulls that relate to the inputting of access to higher consciousness during this time area and moving “forward”.

Encoded only means not experienced with consciousness oneness….. yet!


Access these lights!


Access these lights!


Let them inform your consciousness.

Maybe only one line of energy of thousands will come to you, but believe me this one line of energy from a crystal skull can be of such magnitude that it can really bless, help and support in holding higher consciousness. They are of a very high frequencies.

Honor the spirit in the Crystal Skulls. They are here to assist us into our transition into the fifth dimension and will actually work with us in our future through into the 10th dimension.


So —— Ascension and forward.


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By kumaara

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