Electric Body, it’s all energy

All our energy particles carry a charge, we cannot see it but sometimes feel it, as currents of energy flow through the physical body at all times.

Every energy particle uses its energy charge, or electrical charge to keep the programming within the particle running in the most complete way of representing itself as physical.

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Purple rain is like a shower of light

Purple rain is like a shower of light.

The purple rain has fallen and cleared the earth of many illnesses that are within each human body.

The purple rain is like a shower of light falling on earth in a way no one will ever see or feel but will heal in ways you cannot imagine.

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Now what’s Next?

I am Lord Kuthumi and I come to you upon the Platinum Ray of Silence and Wisdom.

Today you have seen and experienced the new energies and what they are doing to your thought patters, you life and your world.

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Goddess, your female energies-power

I am here today to explain more about the Female Goddess Power.

This is what we call it today, we used to call it the Creation and Birth.

What you call the Male energies today was called the Visionary Creative energy.

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Unite. Ascended Masters Message

Unite and Welcome to everyone who reads this. We have been preparing this message for many weeks now and think we are ready. I, Kuthumi, volunteered and was chosen to deliver this message to all of you light workers out there.

Dearly beloved, our loved ones,

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Blue Light healing, what is it?

I have had many questions from people about what this healing system actually is or does. This is a completely new energy that is coming to earth and I have asked Kuthumi to explain it a bit more.

He tells me that the Reiki energy has been on earth for a long time, and with all the changes going on in the energies around the earth it is time for the next step up, as he calls it.

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Blue Light Star System, Cosmic Healing

Blue Light Star System. This new 7th dimensional and above healing system can be used the same way as the Reiki energy, the difference is it is fueled by the Ashtar command and it has a much higher frequency.

His ships have been around the earth for a long time and at this point where some of us are already going into the 6th dimension, it is time to release this new form of cosmic healing to the earth.

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