Purple rain is like a shower of light

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Purple rain is like a shower of light

Purple rain is like a shower of light

Purple rain is like a shower of light.

The purple rain has fallen and cleared the earth of many illnesses that are within each human body.

The purple rain is like a shower of light falling on earth in a way no one will ever see or feel but will heal in ways you cannot imagine.

My life has been full of purple rain and with my death I give you the last of what is needed to give humanity a chance on really moving from the disconnection they feel into the purple light they need at times to receive their inner awareness.

Time has filled my life with this purple rain and given me the amazing gift that was already within me but amplified through me as life continuous on without me.

This is the time where I say goodbye and move on through this purple rain into my own realization of being, not to be heard from again, but as I have received this gift it is now yours to follow through.

Your own realization within will be supported not by calling upon me, but calling upon all that is within you to support you and now this includes the purple rain.

The purple rain is all those frequencies you are afraid to find within you yet are part of you as you realize the God within you that is you.

I leave you showered with the Purple Rain that is from within your own source.


April 21, 2016


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