Blue Light healing, what is it?

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Blue Light healing, what is it?

Blue Light healing, what is it

I have had many questions from people about what this healing system actually is or does. This is a completely new energy that is coming to earth and I have asked Kuthumi to explain it a bit more.

He tells me that the Reiki energy has been on earth for a long time, and with all the changes going on in the energies around the earth it is time for the next step up, as he calls it.

We have been working with the Reiki energy and it is not enough anymore to make the changes that are necessary for the planet, and he means the people itself but also the planet earth.

It is time to go faster and heal faster, that is the reason they are bringing out this energy at this point in time, we have all noticed how much is changing and how much is still left behind.

Get attuned to the Blue Light Star System

Blue Light Star System, Cosmic Healing

The earth seems to be in turmoil and the masters have decided that it is time to reach out more and help more.

This also goes for Ashtar and his ships. I think we will be seeing a lot more of those ships around earth since they have come so much closer to help us.

The energy they are sending does contain the Reiki energy as well as more of the energies that are on earth right now, It is like a compilation of energies we have already been using, the difference is that they surrounded it with a new energy that is of such a higher frequency that no matter what energy you use, if you are attuned to the Blue Light Star System, the cosmic healing energies will come faster and in a much higher frequency then you are used to work with.

It will not only come faster but there will also be a lot more of it, simply because it is also more concentrated because of the Blue Light Star healing energy surrounding it.

Get attuned to the Blue Light Star System

Blue Light Star System, Cosmic Healing



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