Reality. Going with the flow of the earth reality

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Reality. Going with the flow of the earth reality

Going with the flow of the earth reality

Looking at nature we see how nature goes with the season, moves with the seasons. As humans we adjust to many things. But adjusting to the flow and reality of the many things happening to us, it’s not easy.

Nature doesn’t have to worry, or doesn’t seem to worry, about food or anything else that we humans in this reality worry about.

Human reality is so much more complicated, we worry about everything.

Going with the flow it’s not easy.

We are dependent, relying, upon so many other things, that make human reality complicated and not easy to live in.

We can change how we think about our reality, but the reality outside of ourselves doesn’t change with us.

The reality outside of us is being influenced however, and we can see that sometimes in the people around us.

We learn how to trust in the universe to provide and to support us, but the questions how does the universe work?

It works with all of us together, in reality we are the ones providing and supporting.

But with almost every human so focused on their own reality, the universe has a hard time, as many humans are not within that flow, or ignoring the flow.

For humans survival is a Basic Instinct we cannot ignore, as it is coded in our DNA. Our memory base, that has been adjusted time and time again to have the human race survive over and over within the challenges of this Earth reality.

The human race is based upon incarnation, nature is not. Our spirit survives death of the human body, and comes back to this reality over and over again until it has found the way out of this Earth reality.

Plants, animals and all that we consider nature, they do have a survival instinct, but allow themselves to be eradicated from history, as new species will take their place.

As humans we don’t really have that option. As we incarnate in human bodies, we are tethered to the human body incarnation. When we see a silver cord while in spirit, connecting or keeping us connected to the physical body, we do not see everything. This cord is what ties us and keeps us connected to the human incarnation cycle. That silver cord is part of our spiritual DNA. It is always there no matter if you’re in spirit or in the human body.

Nature is mostly reliant upon seeds, circumstances, how it can adjust to those circumstances, but it doesn’t look for a way out of this Earth reality. Neither do animals, they do not incarnate. They are very sensitive to energies and might pick up some energies from animals previously there. Or energies from animals that linger within your energies.

In a full-on spiritual reality upon earth everyone would be within the flow and no one would have to worry about physical survival. It does however not mean that reincarnation will cease to exist. After all you are still tethered to the human body.

Learning and being within the flow of support is important as it creates a stronger connection spiritually and energetically to what we truly are.

It does not always mean we can move out of the physical survival mode completely, but it will become easier to stay within the flow.

Being within the flow is not just accepting every gift from the universe. Remember that energy flows, the universe flows, sometimes it’s not about the gifts you receive, but the gifts you provide for others.


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  1. Rich says:

    I have been intertwined with this subject for many years. I keep coming back to the same question: Why can’t humans be more in tune with nature? On the surface, I see that nature has a bias towards survival and if we mimic that we go down the path of selfishness. Going deeper, nature does not seem to harbor emotions based on survival instincts. Putting those two concepts together, we can learn from watching nature unfold.

    The other concept that nature teaches is that of entropy. Natural systems have low amounts of wasted energy (entropy) and are mostly self sufficient. Humans are almost the complete opposite, recording high amounts of entropy for many things we want or need

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