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Messages from the Ascended Masters and more

What is a Lightworker?

Lightworker is sort of a catch all word for anyone on the spiritual path. Many will say they are people who feel a need for healing, being compassionate, loving and a need to assist others. Having been a channel for the Ascended Masters of over 20 years and being on the path of spiritual awakening…
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J-Seal, Jehovian Seal Removal Training

J-Seal, Jehovian Seal Removal Training is something many have asked me for. I have been doing J-Seal, Jehovian Seal removal for more then 15 years. I get a lot of emails from people asking me if I do J-seal removal training. Most of them get a J-Seal removal and want to learn how to do…
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Ascension earth, our process, questions answers

I felt for myself I needed some clarification on Ascension earth and our own process. I asked Isis if i could ask some questions and she answered. Me: I read somewhere that people are being removed from this planet, our earth, to another planet. As I read this message this is not happening. Isis: Earth…
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My experience with the Blue Moon Energies of last night

Have you noticed the energies? I have, and any more have contacted me to see what is happening. I have been having crazy dreams. Last night I had to choose between 3 puppies. They were as big as hamsters and one was black, one white and one was yellow. I wanted the yellow one but…
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Combining our strength and power with innocence and purity, Cosmic Christ consciousness

Combining our strength and power with innocence and purity, Cosmic Christ consciousness. With the blue moon, the Aquarius gate and more coming up I have been working on finding out the real importance of all these things happening at this time. Last night I was reminded about a time I went to the Edgar Cayce…
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Awakening, Healing Physically and Spiritually

After teaching for a long time, I have learned that spiritual awakening is a process that takes interaction between our human spirit and all of us that is not within this human reality. It requires healing of the human as well as our spiritual parts within the human and beyond our human.

Going with the flow of the earth reality

Reality. Going with the flow of the earth reality

Looking at nature we see how nature goes with the season, moves with the seasons. As humans we adjust to many things. But adjusting to the flow and reality of the many things happening to us, it’s not easy. Nature doesn’t have to worry, or doesn’t seem to worry, about food or anything else that…
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Matrixes, control systems within and beyond our realities

Matrixes, control systems within and beyond our realities.

As I spoke about the matrixes and control systems in my previous message, I thought it would be good to explain a bit more about all these systems. There are many matrixes, or control systems that interact on many different levels. They are also controlled by different groups.