Who is Petra, a channel and teacher

Petra is both a channel, a teacher and a mother. Petra grew up in the Netherlands and currently has residence within the United States. She has been attuned to the Masters since birth and works closely with Isis, Melchizedek, Kuthumi, Sananda and many of the other Masters. Petra was trained in the Netherlands as a Reiki Master. She works with the Ascended Masters, Ashtar Command and many High Level beings from Egypt and is a Blue Star Master here walking the earth.

Petra has several e-books available to purchase in our Lightworker Store. She is the author of “The Golden Keys to Ascension” and “Working toward Ascension in 2012″ with Dr Joshua David Stone and“ The Seven Basic Steps to Ascension” and “ Going from Seven to Twelve chakras” with The Masters of Light.

Who is Petra, a channel and teacher

She is also currently working on a book on personal experiences.

She is available for sessions with clients and conducts many tele classes including the Blue Star Mystery School with Pythagoras and Kuthumi, Opening to Channel, Sphinx initiations with ISIS, manifestation techniques and Star Gate initiations.

Petra was initiated by Lord Buddha to start activating people into the Black Pearl and Blue Lotus to gain Enlightment in this life.

She is the only teacher at this time teaching the 13th Gate Initiation with the Crystal Skulls.

Her classes are life altering and completely new for this time.

Many subjects are covered and many new teachings introduced.

Petra also has been teaching many workshops including the Diamond Doorway, Cosmic Axiatonal alignment and Gathering the Goddesses.

You can find these workshops in our Lightworker Store

Petra is an activator of divine essences, these are downloaded energies received by the masters, put into the essences and sold to assist lightworkers. They anchor within the physical body the new energies available on the planet now for the first time since long ago when we embodied the Adam Kadmon Body on earth.

She has been actively removing J-seals for more than 10 years and is an expert in removing implants, curses, dark magic and much more.

At this moment she is focused on Cosmic Ascension and is actively working with some students to complete the Ascension in this lifetime, you can read all about this on her website. Join the many and follow in the footsteps of the Ascended Masters and work or complete your own ascension path.

Who is Petra, channel and teacher

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