Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Holograms

In order to build a new foundation there, each of us must untangle ourselves from the mental/mind paradigm and unplug from the third dimensional matrix and web of mass/duality consciousness.

Each set of these powerful mastery activations help liberate us from being tied into the prevailing mass/duality consciousness of humanity so that you can get your world service work out into the world.

Kundalini Reiki 3 (Master)

In Kundalini Reiki 3 (Master) on November 11 2017, the previous attunements are strengthened and the Throat, Solar Plexus, Hara and Root Chakras are opened. The Kundalini “fire” is strengthened and reaches up and out of the Crown chakra – full rising of the Kundalini takes place. And you will receive Kundalini Reiki Boosters 1 through 6.

Kundalini Reiki, Healing with Kundalini Reiki

In Kundalini Reiki, Healing with Kundalini Reiki on October 28 2017, we will learn about:

  1. Healing -Simple instructions for how to heal a person
  2. Clearing a house – Cleanse a room/house of negative energies. Including the remote, long distance method.
  3. healing the Karmic Band – There is always a karmic band between those we hold closest and ourselves, or those we have once held close.  These bands can sometimes weigh us down and have negative influences on our physical body parts and energy.
  4. Situations/quality healing – Healing for example, to heal jealousy, nervousness, anxiety, toothache, patience, sorrow, anger, improving communication.

Kundalini Reiki 1

The first attunement opens the healing channels to allow channeling of Reiki energy. At the same time, you are prepared for the Kundalini awakening in Kundalini Reiki 2. The Crown, Heart and hand chakras are opened/strengthened. You are taught to perform a healing treatment and to heal remotely from a distance.

An opening and cleansing of the Crown chakra, the Heart chakra, the energy channels of the hands, the hand chakras and the main energy channel, which runs from the Root chakra to the Crown chakra, is performed as a preparation to the Kundalini awakening in Kundalini Reiki 2.

Blue Light healing, what is it?

I have had many questions from people about what this healing system actually is or does. This is a completely new energy that is coming to earth and I have asked Kuthumi to explain it a bit more.

He tells me that the Reiki energy has been on earth for a long time, and with all the changes going on in the energies around the earth it is time for the next step up, as he calls it.

Blue Light Star System, Cosmic Healing

Blue Light Star System. This new 7th dimensional and above healing system can be used the same way as the Reiki energy, the difference is it is fueled by the Ashtar command and it has a much higher frequency.

His ships have been around the earth for a long time and at this point where some of us are already going into the 6th dimension, it is time to release this new form of cosmic healing to the earth.