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Awakening, Healing Physically and Spiritually

After teaching for a long time, I have learned that spiritual awakening is a process that takes interaction between our human spirit and all of us that is not within this human reality. It requires healing of the human as well as our spiritual parts within the human and beyond our human.

Matrixes, control systems within and beyond our realities

Matrixes, control systems within and beyond our realities.

As I spoke about the matrixes and control systems in my previous message, I thought it would be good to explain a bit more about all these systems. There are many matrixes, or control systems that interact on many different levels. They are also controlled by different groups.

Control, Controlling Predictions

Control, Controlling Predictions

Trying to control predictions, and what the outcome will be. There are many predictions out there, as well as scenarios about what is going to happen. Or is supposed to happen. The difficulty with predictions is that is takes away part of the creation ability of the ones actually living upon earth and doing the…
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