Where To Begin Your Spiritual Awakening And Or Ascension

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To begin, you must open up the four body system and keep it clear and open to receive God/Source. This comes from inner awareness of all four bodies. You must understand everything about each of them so you can know when something is asking for release. Become the Master of the Four Body system…complete the final stage of the Planetary Ascension.

As you learn to let go of the past ways, and begin to live with greater flexibility and to move more freely and fluidly into the 4th dimension from the 3rd Dimensional realities…you can begin to access real time guidance from your higher Selves and the Ascended Masters. This is because everything throughout creation – including the God/Source is changing, evolving, and expanding from moment to moment.

 So information and teachings of the past are now outdated for these transitional times. If you are not directly tapped into your higher Self and the Ascended Masters and God/Source how could you know if the path you are walking is helping you progress and not detaining or distracting you?

 It is a stretch to think that Planet Earth as well as God/Source are also progressing, evolving, and expanding exponentially even as we are…You are not the only ones in a progressive cycle of spiritual growth…everyone and everything is expanding and evolving. This is the way it has always been.

This is not said to create anxiety, yet its purpose is to expand awareness and open you up to the immense freedom and

unlimited-ness that is waiting for everyone to reach as each one moves into the new level of Being.

You have been told that you must raise your vibration in order to reach the vibration of the I Am Presence (monadic levels) and beyond that to the 352 levels of the Mahatma Energies on route returning back to Source. However, in these times; the Mahatma has successfully anchored here on Earth and therefore brings the opportunity for everyone to know Source while in the Physical body.

Each realization in conscious awareness increases your light quotient average…which helps to build the light body.

Most importantly it is through Cosmic Ascension that one reaches the light-body.

Cosmic Ascension brings awareness of the” I Am” or Monadic levels and leads to the Mahatma levels on the highest  levels (352) prior to God/Source.

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