The Sphinx Speaks - You Have Completed Your Purpose On Earth

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This message is more for many of the old souls upon earth, but can be useful for some of the new ones as well.

When we speak about the fact that you have completed your purpose, we speak about the fact that you have spent lifetime after lifetime, learning and experiencing upon earth, as the earth took care of you and in your way you took care of the earth.

It is time to let the young souls have their space upon earth, to have their time upon earth, as some of you will still be there to guide them but in a different form.

The earth was meant to be a physical learning experience, but was never required to be this long of a human physical experience.

It was meant to be a place where you would move up and back from a full source being into a human experience, still being able to access your full source being.

You have all drifted far away from this and now it is time for many of you to go back to this.

Yet many of you have no understanding, no human understanding we should say as many of your spiritual parts know this really well and have tried to guide you back to this form of existing upon earth.

You have been cut off from many of these parts of you and at this moment many of you are still cut off from these parts of you.

Experiences within the dimensional realities are not full experiences, many see them as full as it is something they have not experienced before.

The fact remains that many of you still have no understanding of the purpose of life upon earth, you are so entrenched within the physical experience that you do not see what is right before your eyes.

The shift you have just gone through is another chance to return the earth and all upon her to their original purpose.

Seemingly unnoticed by many however you are all still stuck within the old belief systems where there is no escape from the physical reality you have experienced over and over again.

How many times can you learn about grief, sadness, love, hate and anger?

When is it you begin to understand that you were stuck within a time loop created by a control system that did not allow you to move beyond its limitations of the physical?

The shift has taken you out of the old control into a new time line, a place where unlimited possibilities have entered again. Yet, within your own human being you have taken the control system with you, encoded within you.

No new codes can change this, and no new energy will change this, only you can change this.

Freedom is not something you know about, you think you have, it is something that can only be fully experienced by moving into your original state of being.

It is nice to know that you think you are more than a physical being, that you know that in reality you are a spiritual being, but what steps have you taken to bring it into fruition.

As many of you at this moment are still looking for a real purpose, you have found some small ones along the way, but I think many will admit that there still is something more.

We have spoken about this so many times, going beyond the physical, going beyond the physical reality, moving into a state of being source upon earth.

Moving back into your spiritual bodies, transforming the physical into the spiritual.

We cannot spell it out more clearly.

Many of you are falling back into the old control systems beliefs in a way, and a new control system is built through you. Before the shift the main control system was in the earth herself, at this moment you are assisting in setting up a new control system through your own human belief systems within your physical body. The old ways have not left, they are within you and even though you say you have moved beyond, you are holding on to all that was holding you back before and holding back now.

You have made changes within you, changes within your beliefs, but none of them move beyond the earth reality into your real reality. The only way you can do that is leave behind the earth reality and move fully into your source reality.

Leaving behind all beliefs of the human, but also the beliefs about the spiritual.

What you see as your spiritual reality is only a small part and it will remain small unless you make the choice to really move beyond all limitations.

This means that you actually take steps to move beyond.

Moving beyond is not done by just accepting what is present, thinking that the new energies are going to do it, as the new energies are not there for the purpose of you moving beyond all limitations. They are there to support all that will remain upon earth as they have not completed their experiences upon earth.

You have to realize that small steps are needed for the ones that remain upon earth, changing the earth reality in a reality where full consciousness is experienced by all would mean that the ones that are here, or have just come here, will not be able to go through their experiences and learning process they have chosen upon earth.

For those that are ready, time to grow up, leave home, and move onto the greater pasture of exploration once again.

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