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The earth and all upon it are now out of quarantine. The rules have changed. We came out of quarantine in the last thirty days.

Release all fear.

Release all judgment.

Open your heart and receive fully all that is offered to you.

I am here today to be the truth, to be the one explaining to you about what you do not want to hear.

Today I got these questions and I asked the Ancient Ones to answer them through me.

I would like to ask you my last question, last thing which IAM a bit confused about: in some books I´ve read that in order to ascend, it is really not our choice, we have to prepare ourselves of course, but we have to wait for the moment and we have to even discard the desire for the process itself. Also, that we have to be humble, that to be strong is not the right way, for "who is strong minded and feel powerful in everyday life will not merge with God. “In some other publications, and also I got the feeling from this message that it is quite the contrary. It should be us who has to take full control of our life’s and to work consciously toward the planetary and cosmic ascension. I am really confused if the longing for ascension, the desire itself is wrong or not. If I have to surrender completely to the power of the universe, and "only" make peace within myself and meditate in order to merge with my Higher self?

The Alignment will prepare your physical body and help your physical body to integrate all your spiritual energy bodies that come in. This is a process that is already happening to all that are on the path toward ascension.

Know that I am with you in heart and spirit.

So my message for today is about something that is known by many of you but sometimes needs a reminder.

It has come to my attention that many are confused. Others are not confused but seems to be feeling they need to tell others what is happening in a very much undesirable way.

My dear friends that are on earth right now, how many times have we discussed all that is happening on earth right now in detail while you were here with me.

We went through many possibilities on how to get the outcome we desire.

You took it upon yourself to return in this time to assist the earth and mankind. You went through many lives of preparation and learning to be ready for this moment.

You are in the shift and you have noticed this shift among others. Many are feeling restlessness around the earth.

It is not strange with all that is happening right now. Every country is undergoing major changes including your own. This all because many of you are changing as well.

How many of you have asked for peace though and not found it yet? Especially with all the energies flying around I know many have even lost that peace.

Some of you are trying to regain it by looking for an outside source that can provide this peace.

All that have listened to their hearts and are there and are willing to do the work, thank you.

For all that have not listened, to their heart. We have a message.

We know that you are all in a stage of ascension. It does not matter how you got there the path towards ascension is different for all. You all have different ideas about ascension and how you can get there. Just as all have different views about the ascension of mother earth. You are all tapping into different parts of a possible future. This future has been created throughout many dimensions in your time it is still being created. Now this is the part where it becomes important to pay attention. Many people on your planet are doing the preparation work for this creation. Others are just waiting to see what is going to happen. So, while many are doing the work, others are just waiting and wanting to profit from the work. Just think about it and feel in your heart, if this is how you want to create your new world?

There are not many on earth experiencing this at the moment, but some of you will know when this happens.

The ascension process is not just a spiritual process; it is physical as well.

The physical process is where the actual physical cells start holding a higher frequency.

This frequency will go higher each time you raise your spiritual frequency.

Some people have asked me why we ask money for this activation since it is important for the whole planet earth.

I have asked Kuthumi to answer that question, since I only follow the guidance of the Masters when doing this.

I am Lord Kuthumi.

We are very far in our process for the ascension of Planet Earth.

You are all on your path toward ascension.

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