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The earth is changing as we all know and she is on the path of Cosmic Ascension just like some of us are right now.

This means she is going through many of the activations and clearings that we go through toward Cosmic Ascension.

She is clearing and activating many parts of herself as she is also bringing in her spiritual parts.

I, Kuthumi, am here today to give you some guidance as to what is happening on the earth at this time.

Many of my friends have explained some of what is happening and it seems that the confusion is playing up.

I have been thinking about this, why was I sent here? To the United States?  I am not American, I am Dutch. What is so important, that I need to be here? Speaking a language that is not my native language. Wouldn’t it have been easier for me to express myself in my native language?

Let me tell you a little bit of how I came to be here.

Many of us have an understanding and have heard about our Light Quotient. During some of the workshops we are teaching we have been given new information about this subject and we have been given two new Light Quotients.

The Light Quotient is the amount of crystalline energy that the body holds.

The Star Quotient is the amount of cosmic energy that the body holds.

We are the overseers of your universe and many other universes, galaxies, planets, dimensions and timelines.

In working together with many groups we have avoided and settled many disagreements.

It is never one group that decides the fate of others, whether it be a race, a planet, a galaxy or more. Much is involved in the process of evolution and ascension of many races, planets, universes and galaxies.

We call it evolution.

After I sent out the Melchizedek message I got some reactions and wanted to explain a bit more about what he is saying and what I know myself about the process of Cosmic Ascension and 2012.

Many are afraid that they will have to leave behind loved ones if they choose Cosmic Ascension.

We welcome you on the doorstep into a new world. A world full of possibilities.

The Diamond Doorway is the Gate into the new world of creation and manifestation.

Divine Alchemy and Divine Power are together here. Magical manifestations.

The Diamond Doorway includes several activations. One of them being the embodiment of the KA.

I am Kuthumi and today I am here as your world teacher.

We have a special surprise for all that will join us in Egypt, the Diamond body awakening, activation and integration within the Diamond Heart of Source of All That Is.

It seems we have talked about this many times, a long time ago, we have been waiting for you to be ready and now you are.

The ones that are being called to join us in the opening of the portal in Egypt on 11*11*11, November 11, 2009, the ones that will be assisting in this endeavor of opening the portal into the 13th dimension. The ones that feel it in their heart, the awakening to the Diamond Body is ready for you.

What is the Law of One?

It is simple, be in perfect harmony within yourself, this allows for perfect harmony with everything and anything in the universe.

The Law of One is everywhere, in every universe, including yours.

As you know, not every being will abide by the Law of One, there is free will, free choice.

Mar 28, 2009

Be Your Own Power

Be open to be open and explore

We are in exciting times as we are approaching a new phase in the history of earth and all that are involved.

As we see your light growing inside of you, we bring to you the new energies to be held.

Many of you are feeling the Love and Compassion as you move into the higher energies.

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