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As more and more are channeling now, many beings will come to your awareness that were not there before.

It is for you to decide if these beings are helpful or not.

Many are what they are, from lower dimensions. Sometimes even lower than your own.

As we all know in previous times there was a balance of physical and spiritual, we lived in human from with open consciousness and awareness on all level.

As we moved further and further into the lower densities, we broke the connection in many ways holding on to just a sliver of silver light.

As we inform you of the ascension that is happening, we would like to express our gratitude to those that are assisting.

The earth is moving into her final stage of ascension. She has been clearing and will still be clearing, as the core of her becomes more crystalline.

I felt for myself I needed some clarification on certain subjects within the earth ascension update message and other messages so I asked if I could ask some questions.

Me: Is there time for me to ask some questions?

Isis: Always.

Let me explain once again the difference between cosmic and planetary ascension.
Planetary ascension is done through death, as you have worked on your process of becoming one within, and you do not choose to further your progress in becoming a light body on earth. Or you are not able to complete the process of Cosmic Ascension before your time of death. You can do Planetary Ascension through death. Many of you know Dr. Stone, he completed planetary ascension, he worked on cosmic ascension, but he did not complete cosmic ascension and left the body through physical death.

As human you have created a reality on earth, some call it an illusion.

As you create different realities, are these new realities illusions as well?

What is the point of stepping out of one reality and stepping into a new reality?

Most of you know you have been there, Atlantis. The stories are not clear as there are many.

As I have told you before, when you integrate more aspects of yourself you will receive more knowledge.

The New Earth, the Old Earth and is there is a difference?
Yes and No.
The earth that you are upon right now is not disappearing, it is ascending.
Does it turn into a star?

Sep 30, 2010

Are we there yet?

As the date comes closer, the energies are becoming stronger. The time is now to start tuning in and adjust your selves to it.

A lot of energies have been released which was noticeable as the debates among you were heated. The last little bits of the previous months of clearing and now we are at a new stage.

Are we there yet?

What is the difference is between Planetary and Cosmic Ascension?

Planetary ascension is a raise in frequency where all chakras within the body have been cleared and it is time to bring in chakra 8 through 12.

This will complete the Planetary ascension as many have worked on the Planetary Ascension in previous lifetimes.

This is of course just the basics as much of what is needed is described in the books of Dr. Joshua David Stone and other teachings.

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