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When we talk about a blueprint, we have to take a good look at it and what in fact a blueprint is.

People talk about downloading a blueprint, you are the blueprint and think that that’s it, you are done.

Each person has this, you cannot say you don’t if we look at an agenda as the way you want your life to be and the world to be.

What is interesting is that some are really into pushing their own agenda of how they want the world to be and in a way pushing their own view of how they want the world to be.

Thank you, of course to the appointed guardians through time who have served as changers of consciousness and protectors of the Crystal Skulls.
There are many “Secrets” encoded in the Crystal Skulls that relate to the inputting of access to higher consciousness during this time area and moving “forward”.
Encoded only means not experienced with consciousness oneness..... yet!

Access these lights!

Access these lights!

Let them inform your consciousness.
Maybe only one line of energy of thousands will come to you, but believe me this one line of energy from a crystal skull can be of such magnitude that it can really bless, help and support in holding higher consciousness. They are of a very high frequencies.

Honor the spirit in the Crystal Skulls. They are here to assist us into our transition into the fifth dimension and will actually work with us in our future through into the 10th dimension.

So ------ Ascension and forward.

I know we all are wondering what has really changed so I would like to give my perspective as far as I have been involved in what happened before, on and after December 21st.

We all have heard about the new earth and what people saw as a possible ascension of the earth.

The earth is a physical being just like us and a spiritual being just like us.

The being some called Gaia, mother earth, has ascended, gone beyond her physical limitation as being the physical earth.

With so much to talk about and some getting on their high horse about what they think was happening or not it is time to also take notice of what really did change.

Humanity is the part that did not really change, as the control system as many call it runs through humanity and cannot be destroyed in one way or the other.

When all humans are connected to each other there is always going to be a control system as this is how humanity as a whole works. Remember we are all One?

This is what the control system is.

We have all asked that question as we moved toward the date of December 21st, 2012.

We have asked ourselves, we have asked others, we have asked spirit, we have looked in every corner, in the darkness, in the light, every place we could imagine and even places we could not imagine.

Has anyone really found the answer to that question in a most certain way that really defies all questioning.

We have spoken about attachments and limitations, and this is one that is very important.

Giving up the notion of Self.

When you remain attached to the notion of Self, you have attached yourself to something that is and isn’t real.

Attachments to the notion of Self are many things, but more importantly the notion of Self is non-existent and existent.

The notion of Self can be explained as the human understanding of being, the human understanding of love, compassion, hate and anger, but also every action and reaction within and by the human are related to the notion of Self.

To reach enlightment you have to give up the notion of Self.

You have to give up reality and non-reality.

You have to give up all that is within existence and all that is within non-existence.

You see where we are bringing you, the existence of the notion of Self is an attachment that can be overcome, but only if you can give up all attachments that are the notion of Self.



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The mind is connected to the brain and the heart, what is the mind, what is consciousness, what is the brain and what is the heart.

The brain is the part of the human that interprets the energy being sent through pathways within the physical body, but the brain also interprets what is coming from outside of the physical body.

What many see as feelings, is energy being send through those pathways to the brain and the brain interprets those energies according to its own set of calibrations of what it has learned over the years.

Even the energy coming from the spiritual energies of your spiritual body are translated by the brain, there is no way around this, as the human is a thinking being, the human is a feeling being as well, but as we explained the feelings are still translated through the brain as an interpreter.

In a way there is no way to bypass the thinking of the human brain.

You already say it yourself many times when you say you live or think from the heart. It feels right; this is a thought coming from the mind, the brain.

We can see the mind separate from the brain, but it is still fed by the brain as the brain receives the energies coming from inside and outside of you. Maybe you can say the brain is the translator of those energies that are coming into the brain.

Even so, it is thought that makes the human work, thought of how something feels, does it feel good, does it feel right, does it feel wrong, what is the right decision, how do I make the right choices.

Choices are also duality based as there is a usually a right and wrong choice depending upon your own belief system, no matter how much you raise your frequency, no matter how much you say I am living from the heart, living from a higher consciousness, there is and always seems to be a wrong and right, and the wrong and right is always based upon a belief system, either your own, or someone else’s belief system.

Even though sometimes decisions are or seem to be spontaneous, there is always a thought connected to it, and there is always a translation through the brain and mind before the seemingly spontaneous decision.

You can ignore the thought, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t influence your spontaneous choice or decision of what to do within each moment.

In a way, spontaneous or not decision, choices are always based upon a belief system of opposites and duality.

Many of you would like to follow the highest guidance and here is where we come to speak about using the maze or the labyrinth.

A maze has different choices, many paths leading ultimately to or maybe leading to where you follow the highest guidance. A labyrinth has only one path that leads to the center or the higher guidance.

Many choices are presented within the maze, and many get lost along the way and it takes some time to find the right path again, the labyrinth leaves you with only one choice if you can follow the path of non-duality, but also the path of non-belief systems.

At that moment of no choices, there are no decisions to make, as the path forward is clear. Not through feeling or emotion or even though about what is right and wrong. Just one knowing without thought, informed yet not informed as the higher guidance already knows the path and does not think about right or wrong.

The opposites disappear and become just what is at that moment. And within each moment.

The higher guidance becomes present and takes you straight to the center of that moment without interference of thought, or feeling about right or wrong.

The choice and decision disappear and the maze and even the labyrinth disappear as there is only one moment within that moment.



Copyright ©2016 Petra Margolis All Rights Reserved

This message may be posted including the authors name and link.

At the moment of the destruction of the earth in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, 13 priestesses gathered to preserve the energy of the largest crystal in Atlantis.

The history of earth before the destruction was placed in the crystal and through the priestesses divided in 12 parts, the crystal skulls were manifested into form.

The 13th skull was held by the 13th priestess.

The 13th skull never became manifested into form and the energy has been held by this priestess until now.

Some of you have made a spiritual contract with yourself to find a certain path this lifetime and to follow that path.

Now contracts made with yourself can be broken or changed.

Some of you have already changed them and have taken on even larger contracts with yourself.

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