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Each person each soul comes to experience all there is to experience life time after lifetime until they feel they are able to understand all that the earth has to offer.

Each soul comes as a separate being, although might sometimes decide to join a group to experience certain things that can be best experienced as a group as each member of the group will play their own part.

Many of you know about this person Ripley, and all that he acquired all over the earth.

Many of it amazing and sometimes unbelievable.

Everything that is happening now on earth, is amazing and sometimes you really don’t know if it is believable or not.

We tried to pick up some humans today, but they are still so messed up that even with our advanced healing chambers we could not get them into the 5th dimension.

Not to forget that we thought we could handle about 300 of them, or maybe 150, but we can’t even handle 1 or 2.

I'm interested in a few things and the openess of this message made me wonder if I could ask a few questions.

If you (or Isis) wouldn't mind could we have some clarification on what is ascending and to where?

"For those moving into the 5th dimension the changes are taking place on a physical level into a more silicon/crystalline structure."

A week or so ago I got an email from someone asking me about the ascension and the changes. He is a biochemist and asked about what is meant that the structure is changing from carbon based into crystalline based.

He was suggesting that the carbon based structure, is going into a silicon/crystalline structure and this has a higher frequency and is directly beneath Carbon in the periodic table.

As we have said many times the truth is within you.

The truth is to be found on many different levels within, and the truth is different on many different levels within.

At this moment when we are getting closer to the Ascension of the Earth more truth is being revealed, more untruth is being revealed as well.

This is something that will become extremely important in this year as more information is coming in and more are accessing information on different levels.

The different levels are where the problem comes in for most.

We always have said the truth is to be found within.

As you are reaching new heights within the ascension process I would like to explain a bit more about the Alchemical Process taking place.

The physical body is a carbon based energetic system. Meaning each physical cell is carbon based no matter what its final purpose within the physical is.

As a teacher and builder for most of my lifetimes upon earth, I would like to give a message today as much is still in progress upon earth.

There are so many questions and we welcome questions as many are on the path of researching their truth within.

This is a very important part of moving inward this time as many are still full of the old energies and are not making enough room for the new energies.

Many are expanding, but expansion is not taking place through taking in new energies, expansion is taking place because you are moving more into your own awareness and in this way it feels like you are expanding, but in fact you are exploring greater parts of your being.

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