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As we are moving closer and closer to this rebirthing of not just the earth and ourselves but of the entire universe, the energies are flying and making it hard at times for some to stay within balance.

This is a time where so much is needed that there is no way around this and we will just have to find a way to accept that the work that we are doing is needed and will bring the rebirthing that is needed to make a change in this world upon earth, but also within our universe.

Just think of our universe, the earth being only one small part and yet there are many beings out there assisting us in this process we call awakening.

Our universe is a balanced system and evolution takes place in our entire universe, we are not the only beings living here, most of us have already come to this conclusion.

As there is so much talk about the GFL and who they really are, I decided to write down my visits with the GFL.

I started with the first room where several beings were sitting behind a, what looked like a radio station. Some of them were human looking, there was one grey and one that didn’t look human at all.

Has anyone ever thought about what is really needed?

We all think about how we would like to see the world change, and what those changes should or could be.

But have you really thought about what could bring that all into reality without interfering with free will of all humans involved.

Ascension is inner work, getting deeper connected within.

Changing your reality is inner work getting deeper connected within.

It is as simple as that.

The earth as a being is ready for ascension.

We as humans call the earth “mother earth”, but the fact is she is not our mother.

There is however a difference between us and the earth, we give the earth human properties or see the earth as we see another human sometimes, hence the name “mother”.

This is the simplest statement, but the most factual.

Ascension is seen usually as moving up in frequency, but the moving up in frequency eventually leads to you returning to your original state of being.

Ascension is still something that is very unclear to many as ascension is happening at all levels and yet we have different forms of ascension.

We have heard some stories of physical ascension, the story of Jesus appearing in his light body, while his physical body was gone from the cave.

This is the time where many things will start to happen at once.

As your physical body is adjusting you will see more and more spiritual connection within yourself and this connection is to be used for the process that is coming closer at this time.

Your reality is what you belief, what you want to belief and what you want to see within the world around you.

Your view on reality is created in conjuncture with the human and some of the higher parts of your being as you move through the human 3D reality.

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