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As we move further along this timeline, there are several other timelines within this reality that can be accessed.

In oneness everything will exist within one place, one time as within oneness there is no time.

I would like to explain a bit more about the fear of death as all that intent to physically ascend will have to deal with this.

There is a moment before the physical ascension and as you are going to be consciously aware you will know this moment is happening. The moment where you know the physical body is to change into a spiritual energy.

As you all move closer toward the ascension it is time to release the biggest hurdle that can prevent you from achieving the ascension.

Many of you still have not released the belief system of the physical death.

This is what creation is, thought manifested within the energy of the creator.

Welcome to our weekly message where we would like to share with you this time some of the feelings we have about the information being released at this time.

It saddens us to see that many seem to take a conglomerate of information out there to misinform many of you.

I am Isis, and I would like to explain what this really means as it seems some have some confusion about this.

Yes we are all made of energy, source energy, so in this way we are all one. As everything is made up of this energy. This includes the earth, your universe and many other universes and beings within those universes.

As the earth is changing faster and faster and we see the actions of all people on earth changing as more and more is coming to light, the Masters have asked me to start bringing out a weekly message to keep everyone up to date as far as the energies and what is really happening on earth.

This will be a combined message with many of the masters involved.

As I was getting ready to write down this message I was watching some TV and the big news was that maybe hundreds of thousands of birds were dropping dead all over the world, just after or around the New Year. And I remembered a YouTube someone sent me about the strange seismic event happening just before the end of the year.

Each person each souls comes to experience all there is to experience life time after lifetime until they feel they are able to understand all that the earth has to offer.

Each soul comes as a separate being, although might sometimes decide to join a group to experience certain things that can be best experienced as a group as each member of the group will play their own part.

This has always been the purpose of the earth creation.

We are made out of energy, even our physical body even if it doesn't look like it right now is energy that we see as physical, caridaway explained a lot about that in a very good way.

When the physical body dies, we leave it behind, yes but we do not die as we cannot die.

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