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First I would like to address a couple of subjects that are dear to my heart.

I have seen the expression of some as I thanked my channel for her willingness to give a message from me to all of you.

As we are moving close to this date, we would like to share what our vision is of the energies that are being released and what the energy can do for your earth and all beings upon her.

There is so much change happening and this energy on 11-11-11 is something that can assist you in making a huge leap within conscious awareness.

With the ending of the Mayan cycle of descending and ascending within the human consciousness and spiritual realities, we are coming to a point where we can find completion of this cycle within the human consciousness reality.

There is a time shift happening between this ending of the cycle and the 11-11-11 doorway that is opening.

Oct 25, 2011

In my opinion

No one can ever make a reliable prediction of anything that might or might not happen.
In my opinion channelings are there to support and guide not to make any predictions.

We are the ones that are the creators and to be fully the creator we need to bring the spiritual understanding into our human understanding.

Last night I had a dream and Isis keeps reminding me so I finally took some time to ask her for the explanation.

This was my dream.

I was standing near a river with many people just watching the boats go by.

As I have explained a lot about the earth grid in my previous messages, I will just give a short overview and move on to another subject.

1.The old earth grid is not a real grid, it is comprised of many holograms connected together to syphon off your energy, and to be used as a control system.

Today I would like to speak about all these subjects as they are being brought up in many messages as a desire of many.

The changes on earth are not going to begin with physical changes.

Only the spiritual change will bring about a physical change on earth.

Now we also have the point of reality or non-reality and I can write many books about that. We all know the history of the earth to a certain point as there are many different time lines involved in this as well.

Some do see their life upon earth as a non-reality, it is all a game that needs to be played out and hey you can just leave if you don’t like it and don’t return.

As we are coming closer to the point of ascension of Mother Earth, more will come about the Ascension of you as humans living upon earth.

This is where discernment will take place as much of what is known about ascension comes from the ones that actually did ascend in some way.

Questions and Answers with Isis about the earth grid, ascension and more.

As there were so many questions coming in I have asked Isis if she would be willing to answer some of them, so here it is.


Can we destroy the holographic grids that are under control of some that do not have the best interest of us as a whole in mind, as they use it to control our consciousness and bring us fear and control us through these grids?

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