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The Electric Body.

All our energy particles carry a charge, we cannot see it but sometimes feel it, as currents of energy flow through the physical body at all times.

Every energy particle uses its energy charge, or electrical charge to keep the programming within the particle running in the most complete way of representing itself as physical.

With the New Year around the corner it is becoming more important than ever to remember who you are.

The first one to remember is that you are not human, you are a spirit being, and you are everything that is within spirit.

The earth has already made her choice clear to all of you.

She is ascending as you can feel the frequency within her has changed to a higher vibration of energy.

All living creatures upon her, animals, plants, etc., are going with her.

Ascension is ascending within the energies within your own being.

Ascension upon earth is ascending within your own being and bringing all of what you are in spirit down into the physical reality.

As above, so below.

In this time where information is needed to complete the process of ascension for the earth and all upon her, we wonder why so many of you have not found a way within to find more answers.

We see so many relying upon the information that is coming out, but they are mostly relying upon information that confirms your beliefs at this time. Messages that give you the “feel good” feeling about yourself.

As you are all talking about this so much, it seems there is still a lot of misunderstanding as the messages, we know have been not always clear.

Ascension is simply raising your frequencies.

The ascension is not just happening with all humans, we in spirit ascend as well.

The only difference we have is that we do not have a physical body.

To many of us here in spirit ascension means expansion as well.

This time of the year you are in is a time of rethinking the past year, making plans for the future year.

The year 2011 has gone by fast and much that you thought might happen did not appear yet.

First we would like to explain what Planetary Ascension can do for you.

Planetary Ascension is where you raise the physical frequency of the human body to a 5th dimensional frequency. This will assist you in living more clearly from the heart center, be more balanced within the 3rd dimensional frequency and start the work on moving deeper and more fully within to reach a more awakened state within the human body.

Nov 21, 2011

The 24 Elohim

I have received information about the Elohim before starting about 2 years ago.

The last one I received was when they were called the Ane Hi Yar, or the frequency changers.

I would like to thank all for receiving my message.

The message was: “I am Salusa, thank you for receiving and channeling my message.”

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