Sananda - Step Into the 5th Dimension In 2012 and Beyond

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I am speaking today for all of the Ascended Masters and other beings that are in charge of the ascension process on your planet earth.

The earth itself is going through a major shift at this time and is well on its way to make the step into the 5th dimension in 2012.

This does not mean your planet is going to disappear, there is not going to be a Big Bang or Lights Out for the planet earth.

The planet earth remains in existence in the Universe in a higher 5th dimensional frequency.

There will be a band of 3rd dimensional energy on the surface of the planet earth.

We do not and have never expected that all beings would ascend in or before the year 2012.

We have made a safety net as you might call it. This is why there will still be the 3rd dimensional frequency band on the planet earth.

We would like for you to keep in mind that every soul has free will, no one is forced into ascension.

All we are here for is to offer the possibility to ascend in this lifetime.

And we are here to assist everyone that makes that choice.

We will still be there once the planet earth ascends, along with many of the people that will make the choice to come back after they have ascended in or before the year 2012.

There are many big shifts ahead for your planet earth before she can ascend in the year 2012. Many of those shifts might awaken more people.

Ascension has always been a path of studying lifetime after lifetime.

The special dispensations have changed some of that.

This doesn’t mean there is no need for study.

Many aspects of the teachings have been simplified but are still as powerful as they were before.

The focus at this time is more on experiencing what you study.

Another thing that is making these dispensations possible is the energy on your planet that is going into higher frequencies. This makes it possible to gain and receive more knowledge in a shorter time.

But for those of you who think that this is a simple and easy process do not forget that this took lifetime after lifetime to complete.

Now you are getting the chance of a lifetime so to speak and are able to do it in a short period of time, this doesn’t mean it will just happen by itself.

Yes you have encoding in your DNA, but that has been there in previous life’s as well, and it still took people sometimes ten lifetimes or more to ascend.

Yes your DNA can and will be activated, but without any work from you, it’s just that, activated.

Everything, no matter where you are on your path, requires an action from you to receive a reaction.

This is not just an easy path as some think.

It is however a path of joy and liberation.

And this is why you came to earth at this time.

To complete and finish what was started a long time ago.

In Love always,


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