Sananda, June 21st, The Summer Solstice - Everyone Has To Make Their Own Decisions

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This date is again a very important date for your planet earth.
On this date some of you are going into the last phase of ascension.

Now you know inside if you are one of them.
If you are, it is time for you to finish up the last part of your process.

For those of you that know it is not your time yet, June 21st is the date to take your ascension path a step further.
The energies coming in are the energies of transforming duality and 3rd dimensional thinking.

There is no difference between you and anyone else, except for what you can see in the physical.
But the physical is not who you are so you have to look further than that.

When you meet new people, look at their soul. See who they really are. Just look into their eyes.
See who you are and who they are through the eyes of your soul.
Everyone is a soul on the path toward ascension with his or her own way of thinking, learning and understanding.

When you look at the people you know, you do the same. Look at their soul, not who and what they are in the physical. It is important to see the real person, the soul of that person.

Also know you cannot intervene with their path, their way of learning and understanding. Their knowledge has to come from within and not from the outside.
When you are asked for help you can assist, tell them what you know.
Do not force your knowledge and understanding upon others.
Let them find their own way. You can guide them but they have to make their own decisions.

Learning and understanding is very much dependent on the vibration or frequency you are in.        
The higher your frequency, the more you will be able to receive and understand and the knowledge will be coming from higher dimensions.

We are available to guide everyone that asks and we will do it in a way that is appropriate for them and according to their path and capability to understand.

The energy of June 21st, the summer solstice is there to support you in transforming duality and 3rd dimensional thinking and acting.

The most important part of this support is the release of the 3rd dimensional thinking and the release of attachment to the 3rd dimension.

Many are still not able to release these ways of thinking and the energy of June 21st  will help in releasing the 3rd dimensional thinking and acting and it will support you in your new way of thinking. The 5th dimensional way of thinking and acting.

This also applies to the way you are all still learning and teaching. Many are still doing this from within a 3rd dimensional reality. Teaching and learning what was taught in the 3rd dimensional reality.

Many of those teachings are a good basis for what is being released at this time. But you have to stay open for the new that is coming in at this time.
Do not be afraid to change your way of learning and teaching.
Do not be afraid to change the knowledge that is there at this time.
Much of this knowledge is based on a 3rd dimensional reality.
At this time many of you are able to receive the teachings from the 5th dimensional reality and higher.
You have all raised your vibration or frequency, so you are ready for it.

Do not let the old get in the way of the new.

Throughout time teachings have been adjusted and new knowledge was coming in at all times. The knowledge was coming in based on the capability of people to understand the new knowledge.
At this time people are so much more open than ever before and we are able to make a lot more adjustments and changes to the teaching.

We are bringing in the teachings from the time of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. They are coming in as an adjusted version as well.

This is what we have been working toward all this time. This is the time where more people can ascend than ever before.

Look at your history.

How many people do you know that have actually ascended in the last 50 years? You can probably count that on one hand.

Why do you think this is?

People were not ready. All the knowledge available still wasn’t enough for people to ascend.
The ascension process on earth is one of the most complicated processes that exists through the universes.

So many things have to be completed that many people are overwhelmed and not many have been able to do this in one lifetime.
There is so much information and knowledge out there, but what is it you need to do, what is it you need to learn.

You can read all about it and this will give you more understanding of the processes. But this still doesn’t teach you exactly how and what to do.
None of those teachings gives you a complete overview of what these processes are and when you need to do them.

Part of the problem is also that knowledge is not enough.
Experience is what you need more then knowledge. And experience is what brings you the understanding of the knowledge. Without experience the knowledge is not as useful as it is with experience.

This is why there were ascension schools, mystery schools. And you have all attended one or more of these schools in previous lifetimes. So your soul has most of the experience. It is just the physical part of you that needs the experience at this time. Your physical being needs to awaken to complete conscious remembering of all that knowledge.

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