The 13 Gates into Cosmic Consciousness Testimonials

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I recently attended Petra's workshop on the 13 gates and found it to be so incredible. If you want a stronger connection to God, the ascended masters and the angels and are hoping to enhance your physic abilities, this is definitely the seminar for you. Petra is an ancient one and it was an honor to have her offer her time to teach this incredible series.



I recently attended Petra's seminar on the 13 gates in April. I am a lawyer and have not been focused on the spiritual aspect of my life. After this seminar, I have been opened up to receive a message from my grandmother that had passed over several years ago and a couple of days ago when I awakened from my night's sleep, I was greeted by a beautiful golden angel standing over my bed. Her workshop has been incredible for my spiritual growth and ability to see the unseen. I recommend her workshops to anyone wanting to be better connected to their guides, teachers and the angels.


Kuthumi Isis Sananda and a few others they will open the doorway to your heart, as they did mine. I was guided to the 13th gate initiation by spirit and boy am I ever grateful.

I was taken to a room where all the skulls welcomed me telling me that they had been waiting for me and then up through the clouds I went raising higher and higher, but I had no fear due to the gentle melodic voice coming through the phone. I next entered a room where a skull was floating in the air and I saw gold and white light the skull told me welcome we have been waiting and will do many great things together. Meanwhile I had waves of energy coursing through my whole body as I was descending. I felt safe and secure with Petra and her ease of grounding you back into your body. So to any of you anyone reading this know that you have been guided here for a reason and if you’ve read this far go ahead and do the activation you’ll be glad you did. As fellow way shower I can honestly tell you this is a very highly gratifying experience it will only enhance your gifts 10 fold!! To Petra you are Love Loving and Beloved Humbled by you Star-Rising

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petra margolis

I have been a channel for the Ascended Masters for more than 10 years, I have been teaching with the Ascended Masters since 2007. It has been a journey for me and my family, as we continue on the path of Cosmic Ascension in this lifetime. I hope You enjoy reading all the messages I have received over the years. Including some of my personal experiences during this time of transformation and spiritual awakening.

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