Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment preparation for Diamond Light Body Testimonials

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The Fire of God Lord Isis, and Petra initiated me, in the cosmic axiatonal lines, which lit up the grid that runs through me. What happened on this day were the most profound spiritual experiences of my life in the inner vastness of spiritual love and God experience, but I can tell you that I cannot describe these well now. I remember the feeling and the meaning, but not the cosmic pictures.


It is not that I only expanded deep into God and deeply outward, to be honest, that has already been starting to happen. I am saying that this was so far beyond and deeper than the states of bliss, ecstasy, and expansion I have been blessed with from my Lord Kuthumi and Isis. It was just the deepest, whitest love and beyond, and beyond and beyond. Consciousness screamed through the universe and the earth, realities intersected and interwove. I could see beyond and within most things, like I had a cosmic telescope. I could already view, and this wasn’t just a bit more, this was so much more seeing into the reality and nature.

I saw the axiatonal lines on fire, or made of fire and the fire signs interspersed amongst the lines, fire was spreading through the lines everywhere, and I felt the fire signs were initiating these actions. Seeing this precipitated what I just described.

Lord Isis appeared soon after the experience had begun, she initiated me with her horns “the Horns or Horn of Isis.” Later waiting at a stop light, the Horns of Isis came out of my body and went through all the cars to the right and left lanes of me, eight cars in each, and I experienced such depth of love as the energy of all the people in the cars was blessed and balanced. I have had many divine experiences, through the grace of my teachers, and I can tell you from the oneness of my heart and mind, that these were by far the most profound experiences and changes of my life.

Thank you Petra, thank you Isis.


Hi Petra, I wanted to let you know that the experiences I had while taking the Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment was so amazing and it has done so much for me, today is the 22nd three days after the workshop and I still so elated and clear. I also do feel complete thanks for helping me recover my Love, Power, Wisdom crystals. I don't think I have the ability to describe how awesome everything was and still is. Just the fact that I'm able to see things in a clearer kind of way it's a big bonus. I came to your workshop thinking that I would be just taking a healing class but boy was I in for a big surprise, what I got was so much, much more than I could've imagine, all I know is that because of what you helped me accomplish over the weekend I feel like I'm so much closer to realizing my true self and closer to reaching ascension. Thank you from the bottom of my now complete heart.


The axiatonal alignment provided me with a greater connection to my higher self and guides. It also removed the pain that I had in my right shoulder for the last ten years. Great workshop!


I know why I have been experiencing all of the things that I have now and I feel that I have achieved integration and a clear channel to my higher self for communications. Removal of the limitation devices stopped my back from hurting.


This journey was to align, connect, and activate the Cosmic Axiatonal Lines. Ultimately the journey was to activate the full structure of the cosmic grid throughout the body. First we began with an alignment and balancing on the twelve chakras. Mine have already been balanced and integrated within the body and so this part of the meditation resulted in the further growth, expansion, and merger of the crystalline core. Afterwards we began the meditation. The energy was amazing. As I went into the higher realms to connect the lines of the divine into the grid within my body I could feel the pulsing vibration of energy in my physical hands. When the flow of energy began expanding throughout the grid it felt as if these lines were blood vessels and that the energy moved throughout as if circulating through my veins. I could feel the lines shed layers revealing the crystalline grid structure underneath. The whole structure throughout the body shined with intense energy and it was very peaceful and energetic. It was a great experience.

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petra margolis

I have been a channel for the Ascended Masters for more than 10 years, I have been teaching with the Ascended Masters since 2007. It has been a journey for me and my family, as we continue on the path of Cosmic Ascension in this lifetime. I hope You enjoy reading all the messages I have received over the years. Including some of my personal experiences during this time of transformation and spiritual awakening.

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