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Reviews, Testimonials (5)

The Fire of God Lord Isis, and Petra initiated me, in the cosmic axiatonal lines, which lit up the grid that runs through me. What happened on this day were the most profound spiritual experiences of my life in the inner vastness of spiritual love and God experience, but I can tell you that I cannot describe these well now. I remember the feeling and the meaning, but not the cosmic pictures.

Opening the heart

Participant: Up into the great, great, great, great, great, Central sun. What dimension is that?

Petra: The heart of the one. 352 levels up and all the way to the Godhead.

I recently attended Petra's workshop on the 13 gates and found it to be so incredible. If you want a stronger connection to God, the ascended masters and the angels and are hoping to enhance your physic abilities, this is definitely the seminar for you. Petra is an ancient one and it was an honor to have her offer her time to teach this incredible series.

The Blue Light Star attunement was everything I had thought and hoped it would be. The attunement, which came through during the meditation, was strong and clear. The divine beings who surrounded me during the attunement were gentle, kind, loving and powerful. I felt honored to see so many masters around me glowing in gold and white light -- it felt both very expansive and safe.

Thanks you very much. I feel really good and my eye allergies have completely disappeared. Maybe it was the implant u found behind the right eye. But I feel much more clear and present in my body. Less irritability, clearer toward other people. Not confused nearly as much about the world and my place in it.... though I am not saying I have that totally clear.