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Opening the heart

Participant: Up into the great, great, great, great, great, Central sun. What dimension is that?

Petra: The heart of the one. 352 levels up and all the way to the Godhead.


Participant: Wow, I really felt it up there, but it felt beautiful being there in that space and being with the Great Divine Director again is something else.

Petra: The ones that became Ascended Masters, they spent a lot of time in the Great, Great Silence, Saint Germaine talks about spending so much time in the Great, Great Silence before he ascended. It’s a really good place to be, I think it’s the best place to be for me and it’s a really good place for regeneration and rejuvenation.

Participant: Wow I sure felt a lot of energy go through me, waves and stuff, trying to remember all that we did, it was a lot.

Petra: Yes, it was interesting because I haven’t taken anybody else through this. We were doing Planetary, Galactic and Solar and Universal levels and you guys were ready.

Participant: Wow and I didn’t conk out at all, when you started going up there I thought, well here I go, it was neat. And the flower I saw was a lotus that was just so luminous that the colors were so beautiful and pulsating, it was really neat. Now I have to figure out how to talk

Petra: The first time I went through to the Heart of the One, Cosmic Mother, Father God, I couldn’t speak for days.

Participant: Yes, I am sort of in awe, just trying to remember it all, just wow. And the cleansing when the disk of cleansing, the emotional and pain bodies being cleared 100%. I could just feel it come down and go through me and just release, that was neat.

Petra: Yes, the Great Divine Director is amazing.

Participant: That’s for sure.

Petra: He can heal it all in an instant, in an instant.

Participant: Yes, when we went down in20the fire pit that was neat too. I received a ruby, just vibrant ruby red diamond heart and I looked at it and just remember saying," I have never seen anything like this and he said yes your right so I am just trying to take that in."

Petra: On a Christos level, you probably are of the Ruby Red order.

That’s incredible

Participant: So I am in the ruby red order.

Petra: From what I understand there is four orders. Ruby red, the emerald order, the gold order, I am trying to think what the fourth one is, it’s at the Aloha level.

There is a symbol associated with it I will look it up.

Participant: I felt like you have to be way up there, I needed to go down and be grounded.

Petra: I almost didn’t do that, we could have been out there forever, that’s what happened to me the first time I ended up there, I was gone for at least 8 hours.

Participant: Did Petra get stuck up there?

Petra: No. not this time.

Petra: Did you have fun?

Petra: Yes, I had fun.

Participant: Yes, it sort of felt like home.

Petra: Yes, I think that’s the place where you finally become whole, where all parts of self get integrated into the one.

Participant: Yes, there was a lot, a lot of work that was done tonight.

Petra: Yes, I can feel it in my spinal cord.

Participant: Yes, I can feel the waves of the energies and things going through me. There was something about diamonds. I could see them coming in, into my bodies, it was the sparkles that caught my eyes, I thought that was so cool.

Participant: Sananda gave me a little miniature fire pit with the rainbow rays over it I put it in my heart, what is interesting what keeps coming up the last few times we have done this, someone keeps giving me a gift, I keep getting like a tuning fork and I keep hearing in my meditations that the rays are very important for me, that they will take me home and that there is a song with sounds. So I started going back through the ray meditations, but whenever I do it I can hear the song, I can hear the planets sing, and I can hear the stars

Petra: That’s what I keep hearing in my garage, it is actually documented; the rainbow rays lyrics are documented. I have a copy of it, they play it in the I AM Temple.

So you have your own rainbow rays fire pit.

Participant: that’s neat.

Petra: In our Wednesday class we are off to the cosmic rays now.

Participant: I was told how to start embodying my I AM Presence more, embody the Flames and have my I AM Presence to be in touch with my soul group and all of the world.

Petra: Yes, it makes sense because they have to clear out all of the density with the flames for you to anchor the I AM Presence into your physicality.

Participant: Yes, that does make sense, there is just so much to learn, so much work

Petra: You know you are all way ahead of the game, you have already done this before.

Participant: It’s just remembering.

Petra: Yes, it just takes some guidance in the right direction and then it’s just remembering, I mean they would not have me take newbie’s through that, I know that. I mean if they are not ready the flames can burn them up.

Participant: Right, that’s true

I asked Kuthumi how to take care of my kids during all of the upcoming changes, and he said: "Your children are under the protection of the Divine Guardians of Heaven, as you are under their protection also. Your power shields them, as was planned. They will be safe through all changes as you grow into your True Self." Petra: Wow that is just beautiful. Write that down.

Participant: Yes, I did.

Petra: Thank you for sharing.

Participant: The flower of life, the lotus started out white and had different petals with different colors and at the end it had all different colors. that’s what got stuck in my mind.

Participant: That’s what I kind of saw too, it started out with really vibrant beautiful white and as the different colors and rays came in it picked up those colors, how pretty.

Petra: And there are 144,000 petals, which are the 144,000 flames of God.

Participant: How cool is that.

Participant: Petra what that ish ta ka ala shalom.

Petra: I open my heart to peace.

Participant: The Paramatmun light, what is that?

Petra: It’s a real high frequency of white light so you know you can call it in your meditation, just call it in.

I am Paramatmun light. I am a Lord of Light. You can take a grid of light like the 5th dimensional put yourself in it, put in a manifestation take it up to the 144th dimensions and spin it with Mother Meera. Too cool.

Participant: I stayed awake.

Petra: Yes, this is a good one to listen to. The Great Divine Director says, "he can go in there and sweep everything out in a nano second. But if you don’t take mastery over yourself, you will be back where you were again."

These are some of the experiences from the fourth session. Many of the cords and hooks were removed from the Heart Chakra on a physical, planetary, galactic and a universal level. Participants could feel the lightning of their bodies and a peaceful feeling of being in a clearer space. With the removal of the cords and hooks on our multi-dimensional self, it allows for us to hold a greater amount of light and love quotient in our bodies. We also released hooks and cords from our 144 aspects. It also allows for us to send more heart energy out when we need to.

The Great Divine Director sealed our heart chakras with a golden disc of light.

Huge big circle of gold and the other masters were in the golden light. You could see them etherically. The rainbow path was brilliant and bright, it was so powerful and made the gold stronger and stronger.

I saw the Golden flame and the Masters within in, and they surrounded the group with the most powerful healing energy.

How does everyone's heart energy feel? Expanded and peaceful. You can continue to send out this Divine Love to everyone and also the Ray of Compassion.

One of the Masters went around my whole being with the Golden light.

Know when the outer is trying to impact you and ask your band of angels to come in and fortify your aura. Catch it before something comes in and makes you angry. As you move into your mastery you will be able to catch it more and more. As you become Masters with our own energy field, you will start catching it and not go into these lower states of emotion as much and eventually you should be able to stay in a peaceful state.

It is our consciousness expanding and becoming more aware. We will have all of our energy for ourselves to send out wherever we want for healing.

Participant: I am starting to get really hot, yes that is the cosmic fire. Some refer to it as the Cosmic Christ Violet Consuming flame. It removes all the discordant energies from your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and eventually your complete life stream as you work with it.

When Jeshua went thru all of his time in solitude working with Lord Melchezideck and the angels in the desert, he was clearing his energy fields and preparing for ascension. The more you feel the liquid light moving through your bodies the more you have cleared out and the closer you are to your ascension.

Participant: I have a hot spot at the base of my spine, what is that? That is your kundalini starting to rise. Root core beliefs will also get released and you replace those core beliefs with "I am safe and I am protected".

Participant: I could feel the golden presence of the Masters and I could feel the sealing of my heart and aura with the Golden energy.

Some in the workshop were able to see clairvoyantly for the first time. Many times through fear, our inner children in the past have not allowed us to use our psychic abilities. It is important to build an ongoing relationship with our inner children. We were taken to the Great Central sun and St Germaine gave the Cosmic Christ Violet Consuming Flame torch to each participant to clear out the discordant energies in the chakras. The Cosmic Christ Blue lightning ray was also used for clearing and seeing divine truth in things. Participant: Very powerful, very powerful.

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petra margolis

I have been a channel for the Ascended Masters for more than 10 years, I have been teaching with the Ascended Masters since 2007. It has been a journey for me and my family, as we continue on the path of Cosmic Ascension in this lifetime. I hope You enjoy reading all the messages I have received over the years. Including some of my personal experiences during this time of transformation and spiritual awakening.

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