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This is something that we see more and more happening as we get closer to the end of this year, as well as more and more people getting disappointed with the reality they are being setup for.

We have been told now over and over again how amazing the future reality is going to be, just a little bit longer, just wait for a little bit longer, but it will happen.

We see the amazing channelings about how loving and full of light we are or can be.

How powerful we are or can be.

We see these channelings full of love and light as a support system of how amazing we are, how loving we are.

And yes, we have become more loving, more compassionate at times, but I have also noticed that sometimes it is just a false forefront as people want to be perceived as more loving and more compassionate as this makes them feel better. After all, as light workers we have to be loving and compassionate.

It is also a way of escaping reality at times, as we can start dreaming of a world that is more loving, more compassionate and want to see the world around us as more loving and compassionate.

We have messages telling us to connect to our future reality, bring it in and start feeling the change.

People think that considering the fact that beyond our earth there is a point where there is no time, all has already happened and there is nothing left to do.

However upon earth and within this reality there is still time, action and reaction, and the future we think is already there is made within each moment of action and reaction.

We can connect with our future self, but is this the outcome of each step of action and reaction that is still happening within this moment?

We have the messages that if we just change our thought pattern, it will all be different. Yes, of course it will, for the person that changes their thought pattern, and it might touch some in their surroundings.

But the change is slow, as the energy upon earth is slow.

Manifesting upon earth becomes easier, but it is the small things that are becoming easier, not the big things.

Most of it is not really manifesting as it is more following the guidance within as to what steps to take.

People think they have ascended, some even say they have fully ascended, as it already happened in the future, but it still takes steps to create that future.

Than we have messages that give us updates on the energies, yes of course, the energies are changing and more and more are noticing it, but many are not.

Manifesting a new reality is not going out there and dreaming about it, moving through doorways and seeing the future. It is about changing the reality we are in right now, action needs to be taken to make that future a reality. Dreaming about it can give you clues as to what action you can take.

It is not waiting for the energy to support it; it is about going out there and make it happen.

The reality is that this earth is ascending as a planet; the ascension of the earth has an effect on everything that is residing upon earth.

This is what we are feeling right now, the earth is ascending, and as we are connected in a way, we are after all living upon the earth, within the reality created upon earth, we are feeling and in part going with some of what is happening with the earth.

This doesn’t mean it is an automatic process to fully get there; we can use the changing energies to support us in getting there.

There is also a lot happening within our universe as it is preparing and many groups are assisting the earth in her ascension.

The ascension of the earth has an effect on us, but also on our universe as many planets have already ascended up to a certain point and are waiting for the final go ahead to ascend even further.

This is what is meant when it is said the earth is the last one. Other planets have already ascended but there is one planet that is a bit behind as it has more beings on it then has been on every other planet within our universe. And the effect of so many beings upon it is being felt and has kept the earth back for a long time.

Now this has been a choice for the earth, as the earth has been a support system for all beings living upon her. She is however not our mother, she is a mother figure, or can be seen as a mother figure as she has supported us all this time.

But at one point the mother has to let her children go and let them find their own way, this is what is happening right now as well.

At this time it is time for the earth to move further as there are many others within our universe who would like to move further but can’t because the energies within our universe cannot support it fully.

Our universe is a living and breathing system and it has been patiently waiting for this last part, the earth, the people upon earth, to make steps to move further and this has been a long period of waiting.

Every planet and every group within our universe knows about the cycles we move through and they know this cycle is ending and a new one is starting. They are ready to move forward and are trying to get us to move forward.

The problem is that it is hard to get a group moving that has no clue of what is happening and I think some many beings out there have gone a bit too far as to  what they are holding in front of us as a carrot dangling in front of a rabbit.

They are trying to help, but the messages get distorted at time as the influence of the messengers own dream of the future reality is getting in the way.

Reality is that we are living now, we are upon this earth and something might happen, what it is we don’t know for sure. But many have this feeling; they have had an epiphany, an awakening of some sort and know deep down that something is happening.

But too many captains on a ship is not really helpful and the confusion is getting bigger, as opinions, and belief systems are still playing a big role within the change that is taking place.

The people on earth are within a matrix control system and many are trying or getting out of it. But even when they are getting out of it many step into another control system. A system of trying to control the outcome of our future reality according to their own beliefs.

Still the group that has awakened to the change that might happen is small and even though a lot can be accomplished with a small group of people. The change is slow and we can all acknowledge that.

We have talked before about the past and how what has happened in the past had an influence of where we are now.

We are being told many times to live within the now moment, but the now moment becomes the past in every second, and what you do within each moment becomes the past that creates the future.

Living in the now moment means bringing the past and the future together so every step we take is guided from within from the highest level within.

This is what changing a reality is, it is creating the future by using our past experiences to help guide us as well as find the guidance within. This guidance within is also based upon past experiences as well as future experiences as parts of us are outside time.

This is a time for action as many are feeling this but are still stuck within certain beliefs or become stuck within the new belief systems that are being formed at this moment.

The best guidance is within, but it requires a lot of work to find the deepest most divine guidance within.

We have to keep on moving, keep on taking steps to make the change happen.

I am deeply convinced that we are moving in the right direction, but also know that still many more steps are needed to make sure we continue to follow the direction.

I do not know what the outcome is and can only guess, as the future is being built within this moment and each step we take is part of that moment.

This is also a time where we can accomplish something more, this is not just what I feel as many are feeling this as well. Complete or full ascension, not just partly ascending into a 5th dimensional level but move beyond that level, even beyind every level.

Let me explain more about this process as well, as in short it means moving beyond this reality, in fact moving beyond every reality within our universe and beyond our universe. Returning to our original state as a source being. This doesn’t mean leaving the earth, although some may want to, it means becoming a full-fledged participant in the change happening on earth, but from the highest level within, the source level or source.

It also means being able to become just energy, or light as some call it.

We are energy already, but our energy of the physical is vibrating at a level that makes it seem physical. I mean going beyond that and become and be just energy. Being able to move freely without limitation in our energy body instead of having a physical body.

But everything takes action as our world is based upon action and reaction.

Personal action that can be supported by the energies around us but still requires each person to take action from within our own being, as we are the ones manifesting and or creating, not just on a personal level, but as a group consciousness as a whole.

We don’t do this by escaping this reality, but by fully grounding within this reality and manifesting change within this reality. As change happens not just from the top but also from the ground up.

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