Temple of Isis Initiation

Connect with the gods and goddesses in the Temple of Isis.

  1. Sekhmet (the Mighty One) is the Goddess of Sun and War. She is also known asSakhmet, Sekhet and Nesert.
  2. Hathor (the Cow Goddess) is the Goddess of Joy, Beauty, Motherhood, Love, Music and Patron of Women and Marriage.
  3. Amun (the Hidden One) is the God of Air, Fertility, the Creator of All Things and Patron of the Pharoahs. He is also known as Amon, Amen, Amen Ra and Amon Re.It is difficult to determine how much your divinity will be enhanced. This is purely personal based on previous spiritual work and many other factors.
  4. Bastet (the Cat Goddess) is the Goddess of Joy, Music and Dancing.
  5. Montu (a falcon­headed god, also bull­headed) is the God of War. Also known as Mont and Menthu.
  6. Neit is the Goddess of War, the Hunt and Domestic Arts, particularly weaving. Also known as Neith.
  7. Wadjet is the Goddess of Justice, Time, Heaven and Hell. Also known as Uadjet, Uatchet, Uasit and Wazit.
  8. Min (the Lord of the Eastern Desert) is the God of Fertility, Sexual Potency and Rain. Also known as Menu and Minu.

The Love body, the North Pacific Ocean Love Portal (Hawaii) anchoring love cones in heart chakra cone 1

Healing the main point of entrance of Divine Love and Creation into your bodies, which is the Heart Chakra, is vital to your level of consciousness beloveds, which in turn is determined by your Quotients of Love, Light and Power. The healing and activation of the Heart Chakra will necessarily increase your Quotient of Love many times. As well, it is vital to your health, wellbeing at all levels, power and manifestation of creations.