The Diamond Body - Your Cells Will Be Changed Into Light

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There are not many on earth experiencing this at the moment, but some of you will know when this happens.

The ascension process is not just a spiritual process; it is physical as well.

The physical process is where the actual physical cells start holding a higher frequency.

This frequency will go higher each time you raise your spiritual frequency.

At one point the Golden Light will come in and from there the liquid light will enter the physical body. Many things will happen to the physical body.

Part of the last steps is the Diamond Light Body and from there the physical Diamond Body.

We will talk about the physical process of the Diamond Body.

Your spiritual body is the part of you that travels into the other dimensions. And this spiritual body is attached with a silver cord.

Once you are ready for the spiritual Diamond Body the silver cord will be disconnected from the physical body.

Once the silver cord is disconnected the change in the physical body begins. From the inside out all your cells will be changed into light. This process takes about 14 days to 3 months.

Once this process is completed a new cord “the Diamond Cord” will be attached.

So at this point you have a Light Body that vibrates at a diamond frequency, and you have a physical body that vibrates at a diamond frequency. When you look at yourself, you will see only light inside of you. All physical cells are vibrating at such a high frequency that he physical has been transformed into light.

From this moment on all physical symptoms will have vanished.

And the last and final part of your ascension process starts.


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