There is much that can be said about all the energies, feelings and all that is being experienced at this time.

What is happening is still a question for many even though it seems like something is happening and many feel elevated into newer and more lighter energies.

With the year ending many who have gone through the end of 2012 in an expectfull, energized state are now back into the game.

The energies in every occasion be it a date, a comet, solar flares and more are being used to explain what is being felt within as changes.

This is related to our previous message as there is still much confusion about who are you, what are you and who is the real you.

Many times messages come from or seem to come from within more than from another being, yet the start was always a connection with other beings outside of you and from there it evolved into a feeling that the messages seem to come from within.

Does this mean the message is coming from another part of your being or still coming from the being you contacted at first?

We would like you to think about this, as many have told you they are working behind the scenes, and once they arrive, you will receive their amazing technologies. There is so much they can do to assist you.

Have you seen the ones coming back from the war, the ones with no legs, no arms and more? Do you know anyone dying from cancer or any other disease?

We see many understand the truth, yet many seem to be disappointed in many ways by the truth.

Is it not the truth you ask for so many times, yet once you receive it, you feel disharmonized within.

That’s the question these days, answers, and where do you expect the answers to come from?

We have given suggestions; we have answered some of your questions.

They are all through our messages, the answers, and suggestions, and options available to you.

This seems to be a subject that comes up many times as we have talked about releasing attachments and beliefs.

It is time to talk about your origin and how you arrived here on earth.

You in fact all know your origin, but you seem to have the attachments that like to make you belief that your origin doesn’t reach as far as you know it does.

he Sphinx speaks truth or dare

Word are spoken within each moment and many seem to be afraid of the power of the spoken word as it can either make them feel good or bad about themselves and others.

The same with thoughts, even though your thoughts mostly have an effect on your own being and how you feel about yourself.

So many different channels are emerging and many are very eloquent within their words.

Many channels, many different teachings and each of them have something you can relate to.

There are the ones that read the energies, the ones that can see the new energies coming in.

Welcome to our weekly message where we would like to share with you this time some of the feelings we have about the information being released at this time.

It saddens us to see that many seem to take a conglomerate of information out there to misinform many of you.

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