I am speaking today for all of the Ascended Masters and other beings that are in charge of the ascension process on your planet earth.

The earth itself is going through a major shift at this time and is well on its way to make the step into the 5th dimension in 2012.

This does not mean your planet is going to disappear, there is not going to be a Big Bang or Lights Out for the planet earth.

This date is again a very important date for your planet earth.
On this date some of you are going into the last phase of ascension.

Now you know inside if you are one of them.
If you are, it is time for you to finish up the last part of your process.

Yes, that’s what many religions are teaching, and what are you teaching now?

Love is the only way.

As Jesus I never said I was the way. I said the way to god is within each of you.

There are many ways to that place within you.

In this time where information is needed to complete the process of ascension for the earth and all upon her, we wonder why so many of you have not found a way within to find more answers.

We see so many relying upon the information that is coming out, but they are mostly relying upon information that confirms your beliefs at this time. Messages that give you the “feel good” feeling about yourself.

The clues that are within your history, even though much of it is convoluted by many, are present even at this time.

History is repeating itself in a way that much of the information available at this moment is being convoluted by many as they are not able to see beyond the outside of their being as well as not able to see within their own being.

This time of the year you are in is a time of rethinking the past year, making plans for the future year.

The year 2011 has gone by fast and much that you thought might happen did not appear yet.

When we see money as energy, we also see the imbalance upon earth around this energy.

As we see the exchange of energy of money there is an imbalance within the amount and flow of energy.

Yes there is a new mindset needed for all that think they do not deserve money for their work, they do not think they are allowed to ask money for their work.

Today we are here to give you more information about our physical family.

As Mary Magdalena and Jesus we had four children. Our first born son was killed at the age of three months old.

Another story, another time.

I am Isis and I come upon the Golden Wings of Freedom.

I am Isis, you know me.
I am Mary Magdalene and you know me.

When I was on earth as Mary Magdalene, I brought with me the pure energies of Freedom.
When I left as Mary Magdalene many aspects of these energies were distorted.

Know that I am with you in heart and spirit.

So my message for today is about something that is known by many of you but sometimes needs a reminder.

It has come to my attention that many are confused. Others are not confused but seems to be feeling they need to tell others what is happening in a very much undesirable way.

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