The reality is you don’t know, you really don’t know because you are not there to hear the sound.

If you cannot see something does it mean it is not there?

For many it is clear, energy is energy, everything is energy, even sound and light are a form of energy. Everything around you is energy, yet you cannot see everything around you.

As we have been speaking about energies this is one you have to think about as the spiritual self is often confused with what many see as the human self.

Many attributes you have as a human are thought to be within the spiritual self as well.

As we have spoken about inner and outer reality, many seem to translate this into merging the dark and light within them.

The inner and outer reality contain both dark and light, the merging of the inner and outer reality is different.

Amazing isn’t it, just to think about this as many of you cannot spot the lie within your physical reality lots of times. If you cannot see through the physical reality clearly, how do you expect to see the spiritual reality clearly?

The lies presented to you by governments, but not just governments, it is even closer to home as you on a daily basis interact with others.

This is going to be a difficult subject for many as the attachment to the physical body and reality is very strong among humans.

But when we look at the moment you come onto the earth, you do not create a body, you take possession of a body that has been created for you physically by others.

Many channels are channeling in a different way but the starting point is the same. A message is sent from someone that is not on earth at this moment and depending upon the dimension they reside in within this moment the message is being sent to the channel from that dimensional frequency.

Now this does not mean the being sending the message is only within that frequency as sometimes the beings will lower themselves into the lower dimensional frequency to reach the channel if needed.

As the energy is building up once more, you have been seeing the messages and much of what is revealed to, as they tell you that it is really happening.

Yes it is really happening, and now is the time for you to make it happen.

It all seems easy at times as the energies are building and you are being supported by so many beings outside of yourself.

As I explained in previous messages there is a control system that is created within the spiritual world and manifested in the physical world. In the same manner what is created within the physical world has an effect on the spiritual world.

Many that are on earth right now have chosen a learning experience connected to the earth and your universe.

This is the time where many things will start to happen at once.

As your physical body is adjusting you will see more and more spiritual connection within yourself and this connection is to be used for the process that is coming closer at this time.

I'm interested in a few things and the openess of this message made me wonder if I could ask a few questions.

If you (or Isis) wouldn't mind could we have some clarification on what is ascending and to where?

"For those moving into the 5th dimension the changes are taking place on a physical level into a more silicon/crystalline structure."

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