Have any of you ever looked at the human consciousness as it is around your earth at this time?

Let me ask my messenger to explain her experience as she travels through the spirit world.

I know I have not been sending out many emails lately. I have been working on my own process and guiding my students through the process towards ascension and assisting the earth in her ascension.

Now were coming up to 11-11 and from then on its only 40 more days till 21-12-2012.

A new portal of opportunity is opening in many ways depending upon your own choices.

I got this question today and Isis would like to explain about this situation.


“Do you mind if I ask Isis something? It’s in regards to the Ashtar Command and Planet X/Nibiru.

As I have worked with this for a long time, I have seen that there is a certain flow within money that comes in to support.

For example, during the summer when my car broke down and a new engine or actually used engine was needed, the cost was 2000 dollars.

It took two months for that money to appear within the flow. But it got there, and 2000 is more than what I usually make in one month.

Oct 25, 2011

In my opinion

No one can ever make a reliable prediction of anything that might or might not happen.
In my opinion channelings are there to support and guide not to make any predictions.

We are the ones that are the creators and to be fully the creator we need to bring the spiritual understanding into our human understanding.

I have had many questions and I will try to answer all of them.

Question: How do you remove J-seals?

Last night I had a dream and Isis keeps reminding me so I finally took some time to ask her for the explanation.

This was my dream.

I was standing near a river with many people just watching the boats go by.

For myself this week was one of a roller coaster as our car has this strange noise and we went to the dealer to find out what it was. After paying 85 dollars they tell us it’s going to cost 650 dollars to even look into what it might be, and that might not be it as it might be as much as 1150 dollars to actually find out what is wrong with the car.

As Isis has asked me to write down my personal story of working on neutralizing and balancing the energies, I have to sit down for a bit and think.

It all started happening when we started the Holy Land workshop, I was hoping for many people, it turned out to be 6, including myself; we do have the balance of three men and three women though.

The work is amazing and I will ask if some of the participants are willing to write down some of their personal experience.

I have had some questions from people this week about the time of no rules.

What is meant by this and what does it mean for us.

This is a time where the energies that are coming in to the earth are higher than ever before.

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