That’s the question these days, answers, and where do you expect the answers to come from?

We have given suggestions; we have answered some of your questions.

They are all through our messages, the answers, and suggestions, and options available to you.

This date is again a very important date for your planet earth.
On this date some of you are going into the last phase of ascension.

Now you know inside if you are one of them.
If you are, it is time for you to finish up the last part of your process.

I would like to address this subject once more as it is a very important part of what is happening on earth.

The system of exchange has been used in many ways, from exchanging energy, to food and labor to exchanging money at this time. Even if it is only between you an Source.

Slowly we see all of you going back to the system of just exchanging energy.

These teachings used to be available in the mystery schools, but not for free. The dedication and commitment was required as well as a lot of work to support the mystery school which included daily chores and working for what they were about to receive.

This is not possible in this time as there are no real mystery schools available anymore where you could get the teachings needed for just working in the garden.

Pretty much something you have all heard about.

Judgment day, the day where you are to be judged on what you have done in this lifetime.

Judgment day is the day where you yourself are judging yourself.

As human you have created a reality on earth, some call it an illusion.

As you create different realities, are these new realities illusions as well?

What is the point of stepping out of one reality and stepping into a new reality?

As all the messages are coming out, the difference is so clear.

You are being influenced by the planets, the stars, the sun and the moon.

The dark cabal is still out there and controlling you in other ways.

You have reached a point in time where you have a choice.

We are now in the time Between the opening of the sixth Jehovian Seal (this J-Seal opened in June 2008) and the opening of the seventh Jehovian Seal in January of 2012.

Here we are again today. There is so much information coming out about what and who we are or might be.

So let us explain a bit more at this time.

Yes, there are 13 of us that were made long before the time of Lemuria, and 12 of us are residing on your planet at this time. The 13th skull is residing in Higher Dimensions.

We know many people would like to and are trying to find the remaining skulls.

I am Isis and I have come here today to explain more about the Male and Female energies and why it is so hard to integrate the Female energies into the physical body.

Your spiritual being or energy is made out of 50% Male and 50% female at this time.

Your physical body holds most of the Male energies and only about 10% of the Female energies.

You can have a look at the picture we made to see what this looks like.

It has been this way for a very long time. I already told you the story about the 24 Ancients and their differences. All this resulted in the almost complete separation of your Male and Female energies.

But why is it so hard to integrate the Female energies?

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