Fear is seen as one of the culprits of control, yet fear is much more than that and without fear you would not be the human you are and have many of the experiences you have had in this lifetime and previous lifetimes.

Fear is the simple and basic rule system for the human mind to find its way through the human world in many ways.

Today we are talking about something that requires your attention in a way that you have not given thought to this subject before.

Peace, a peaceful and loving world, praying for peace and all that you want for the earth and all upon here.

I was watching TV this week and it was about a group of baboons and their way of life.

At one point it was showing the baboons in a time of plenty of fruit growing on the trees. They were not the only ones who liked the fruit; a whole herd of caribous was there as well.

You see only one energy/control system, the one where you are not free in a reality sense of speaking. What you do spiritually is in a way free, yet still controlled through the human way of believing and thinking.

Many think energy/control systems will collapse as they are running at its end and will not be able to sustain either certain energies or the way people start seeing the energy/control systems.

A subject many will have to think about as you have become the ones supposed to be creating the new world changes.

Why is the dark cabal still in control, or the ones you call the dark cabal.

Many of you have different beliefs, but none of the beliefs you have are in fact threatening to the dark cabal.

This is a difficult subject as the word love itself is coded with many different expressions and feelings ranging from just plain simple love upon earth to being divine within spirit.

Love is also used in many ways as it is something every human requires in their life. Love of self is one of them.

Just putting the word love in a message will attract many and will give many a feeling of love as the word itself carries that energy.

As we move further there will be more challenges ahead, many of you have gone through so many already and we know many are at a standstill as far as what to do, how to do it.

The push that was felt last year when the date of the 21st of December was in sight made you want to do more, gave you hope, you had waited for this event for so long.

We are almost half a year past that date and many have not seen much change, still feel like they are now standing still almost, not having the energy to move forward.

Control systems are present in many ways. You in fact have your own control/energy system so to speak that you use to come down upon earth and have your experiences within a lower dimensional frequency.

To lower parts of yourself down into a lower frequency you need a control/energy system that allows you to control the experience and create certain experiences that you have chosen.

Some control/energy systems are placed by others, they can either interfere with your chosen path or support your chosen path.

Upon earth many control systems are being used to regulate and control humans live upon earth.

One of those control systems used is the emotional balanced state of being.

Many emotions are in a way considered to be negative, having a negative effect on the person themselves and sometimes others.

As we have explained about energy programming in our previous messages, we would like to explain about the alchemical change that is taking place as well.

To come down to earth and enter the human body you have created a long line of energy bodies in many different levels of vibration.

You did not enter the physical body from a source level, you created level after level of each body to finally enter the last levels of the spiritual bodies attached to the physical body.

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