This is the year of change for many, as the past years have already changed many.

This is the year of completion for many as you all move forward to another cycle within the cosmic heart around the cosmic spine.

It is now time to integrate all transmuted and transformed energies that were held by Mary Magdalene.

The diamond heart is about to be opened wider as you allow for the female energies to be fully integrated inside of you.

Many of you might think you have it all, especially woman.

Today we are here to give you more information about our physical family.

As Mary Magdalena and Jesus we had four children. Our first born son was killed at the age of three months old.

Another story, another time.

I am Isis and I come upon the Golden Wings of Freedom.

I am Isis, you know me.
I am Mary Magdalene and you know me.

When I was on earth as Mary Magdalene, I brought with me the pure energies of Freedom.
When I left as Mary Magdalene many aspects of these energies were distorted.

What is happening at this time when so many people feel they have been there with Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and so many feeling they were Mary Magdalene, or Jesus or even one of the disciples.

What was happening more than 2000 year ago?

There was a group of souls on your earth bringing in certain energies and taking certain energies.

For more than 2000 years now Mary Magdalene, or actually Isis, because it was she who took this incarnation upon her, has been holding the energy of abused women.

And by holding them I mean feeling them as if they were her own as well.