To begin, you must open up the four body system and keep it clear and open to receive God/Source. This comes from inner awareness of all four bodies. You must understand everything about each of them so you can know when something is asking for release. Become the Master of the Four Body system…complete the final stage of the Planetary Ascension.

As you learn to let go of the past ways, and begin to live with greater flexibility and to move more freely and fluidly into the 4th dimension from the 3rd Dimensional realities…you can begin to access real time guidance from your higher Selves and the Ascended Masters. This is because everything throughout creation – including the God/Source is changing, evolving, and expanding from moment to moment.

There are two different processes, one for the Planetary Ascension and one that is part of Cosmic Ascension.

Let us start with Planetary Ascension which at this moment in time many will go through either before or as the earth ascends.

With Planetary Ascension the chakras will be fully clear, all 7 within the physical body and 5 above the physical body.

As I was getting ready to write down this message I was watching some TV and the big news was that maybe hundreds of thousands of birds were dropping dead all over the world, just after or around the New Year. And I remembered a YouTube someone sent me about the strange seismic event happening just before the end of the year.

You have had many incarnations upon earth, you have lived along with the natural cycle of earth for a long time.

But now you have reached a time where many of you have lost the natural connection to earth.

You have many chakras, a lot more than many of you think. There are seven main chakras within the physical body, but there are also chakras within the hands, knees, ankles, feet and many other places and there are many higher chakras all the way to source. The smaller chakras in the physical body become more active as all main chakras are completely open and activated.

As we all know in previous times there was a balance of physical and spiritual, we lived in human from with open consciousness and awareness on all level.

As we moved further and further into the lower densities, we broke the connection in many ways holding on to just a sliver of silver light.

When many are reading the books and messages on spiritual subjects, they become Book Smart.

They can give you countless details on how others have experienced, what others are thinking, and what they have deducted from it all as their own belief system at this time.

We welcome you on the doorstep into a new world. A world full of possibilities.

The Diamond Doorway is the Gate into the new world of creation and manifestation.

Divine Alchemy and Divine Power are together here. Magical manifestations.

The Diamond Doorway includes several activations. One of them being the embodiment of the KA.

I am Kuthumi and today I am here as your world teacher.

We have a special surprise for all that will join us in Egypt, the Diamond body awakening, activation and integration within the Diamond Heart of Source of All That Is.

It seems we have talked about this many times, a long time ago, we have been waiting for you to be ready and now you are.

The ones that are being called to join us in the opening of the portal in Egypt on 11*11*11, November 11, 2009, the ones that will be assisting in this endeavor of opening the portal into the 13th dimension. The ones that feel it in their heart, the awakening to the Diamond Body is ready for you.

The Alignment will prepare your physical body and help your physical body to integrate all your spiritual energy bodies that come in. This is a process that is already happening to all that are on the path toward ascension.

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