Have you noticed that the world around you is facing a new way of realizing their purpose and role within the reality that is and that is being created?

Each and every person upon earth is feeling this, not just the lightworkers or feeling people, each person is reacting to the changing energies whether they are conscious of them or not.

The clues that are within your history, even though much of it is convoluted by many, are present even at this time.

History is repeating itself in a way that much of the information available at this moment is being convoluted by many as they are not able to see beyond the outside of their being as well as not able to see within their own being.

Is there really a difference between what is spiritual and physical?

This is something to really think about as your inside world is becoming more spiritual.

Many do not reflect this spiritual inside in the outside physical world as many see them as separate.

Welcome to another message of the Masters, I am Kuthumi and I am here to tell you a bit more of what is happening and what you can do to support the new energies coming in on August 13 of this year.

There is much turmoil and much fear of what is happening as the world is seemingly collapsing around you.

Welcome to our weekly message where we would like to share with you this time some of the feelings we have about the information being released at this time.

It saddens us to see that many seem to take a conglomerate of information out there to misinform many of you.

As the earth is changing faster and faster and we see the actions of all people on earth changing as more and more is coming to light, the Masters have asked me to start bringing out a weekly message to keep everyone up to date as far as the energies and what is really happening on earth.

This will be a combined message with many of the masters involved.

Over time our images have changed, as we have changed.

We, you, me and everyone, actually everything is created within source.

As each being ventures from source we all choose certain paths of experience and our own realities within those experiences.

Some of us have not experienced the incarnational process upon earth and we stayed only within our spiritual existence.

I see all of you thinking, exploring, arguing, discussing and all of it is bringing out much anger, fear, hate, and love.

The world around you is changing and within this change each of you is trying to find answers.

Pretty much something you have all heard about.

Judgment day, the day where you are to be judged on what you have done in this lifetime.

Judgment day is the day where you yourself are judging yourself.

Let me explain once again the difference between cosmic and planetary ascension.
Planetary ascension is done through death, as you have worked on your process of becoming one within, and you do not choose to further your progress in becoming a light body on earth. Or you are not able to complete the process of Cosmic Ascension before your time of death. You can do Planetary Ascension through death. Many of you know Dr. Stone, he completed planetary ascension, he worked on cosmic ascension, but he did not complete cosmic ascension and left the body through physical death.

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