This is a difficult subject as the word love itself is coded with many different expressions and feelings ranging from just plain simple love upon earth to being divine within spirit.

Love is also used in many ways as it is something every human requires in their life. Love of self is one of them.

Just putting the word love in a message will attract many and will give many a feeling of love as the word itself carries that energy.

Today’s subject is going to upset many but needs to be discussed as the worship of these masters is getting in the way of real progress.

What are Ascended Masters and what do you think they are.

Some of them actually had lifetimes upon earth, some didn’t, this is a fact for many of the beings that are giving you messages.

Moving through your reality is for many a hardship, yet a long time ago you chose to be on earth.

You are attached within the earth reality, not only through human belief systems, but also energetically.

Yes, energetically, as your energy bodies are present within the energy upon earth, they are connected to your 3D reality upon earth.

We start at the moment of creation, there are many of them, but for you all we will only discuss your universe at this time.

There are many other creations you have been involved in and many are to follow.

We start with the creation of your universe as we already have talked about the fact that many beings within source gives more friction within the energies and in this way some universes were created.

We always wonder, you ask questions, you have been going within, but you are not looking for real solutions, as the one solution is already present.

You have all had so many lifetimes upon earth, and yet you come back each time, starting all over on your path of awakening.

Yes, that’s what many religions are teaching, and what are you teaching now?

Love is the only way.

As Jesus I never said I was the way. I said the way to god is within each of you.

There are many ways to that place within you.

As I was getting ready to write down this message I was watching some TV and the big news was that maybe hundreds of thousands of birds were dropping dead all over the world, just after or around the New Year. And I remembered a YouTube someone sent me about the strange seismic event happening just before the end of the year.

As more channelers are coming, the message of love is becoming more and more adjusted to make you feel that you are within the divine path.

As we look in the past at the story of Jesus, you ask yourself, you try to convince yourself in many ways that he was the representation of love.

Today we are here to give you more information about our physical family.

As Mary Magdalena and Jesus we had four children. Our first born son was killed at the age of three months old.

Another story, another time.

I am Isis and I come upon the Golden Wings of Freedom.

I am Isis, you know me.
I am Mary Magdalene and you know me.

When I was on earth as Mary Magdalene, I brought with me the pure energies of Freedom.
When I left as Mary Magdalene many aspects of these energies were distorted.

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