As I have explained a lot about the earth grid in my previous messages, I will just give a short overview and move on to another subject.

1.The old earth grid is not a real grid, it is comprised of many holograms connected together to syphon off your energy, and to be used as a control system.

As 11-11-11 is coming closer and many are now focusing on the new earth crystal grid that is being built, I would like to explain a bit more of the working of this new grid compared to the old grid.

The old earth grid and yes most of you are connected to this, is a hologram that has been syphoning off your energies and has been and still is used for control, to send fear and other information that is being received by you and the collective human consciousness.

As we are coming closer to the point of ascension of Mother Earth, more will come about the Ascension of you as humans living upon earth.

This is where discernment will take place as much of what is known about ascension comes from the ones that actually did ascend in some way.

Questions and Answers with Isis about the earth grid, ascension and more.

As there were so many questions coming in I have asked Isis if she would be willing to answer some of them, so here it is.


Can we destroy the holographic grids that are under control of some that do not have the best interest of us as a whole in mind, as they use it to control our consciousness and bring us fear and control us through these grids?

As we have talked about the holograms I would like to explain a bit more about the real Earth Grid System.

This system does not just run through the earth, it also runs through your universe and beyond as it was made from the One Source energies. This is what allowed the humans living on earth at that to stay connected within their own being as they moved into the density of the 3rd dimension on earth.

As I was getting ready to write down this message I was watching some TV and the big news was that maybe hundreds of thousands of birds were dropping dead all over the world, just after or around the New Year. And I remembered a YouTube someone sent me about the strange seismic event happening just before the end of the year.

Yesterday while thinking about the oneness and source I saw something that I would like to explore further.

We all have this feeling or knowing of being God, Source or whatever name you use.

Now if there is one Source, just imagine we are all copies of Source and Source itself is our playground.

Ascension is still something that is very unclear to many as ascension is happening at all levels and yet we have different forms of ascension.

We have heard some stories of physical ascension, the story of Jesus appearing in his light body, while his physical body was gone from the cave.

This is one of the biggest questions we have as we find more information as to how this reality upon earth is in fact controlling our way of living and even thinking at times.

I have tried to go back into space and time to find more information as to what this matrix or control reality upon earth is and how it came into place as well as how it is being used.

At the moment of the destruction of the earth in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, 13 priestesses gathered to preserve the energy of the largest crystal in Atlantis.

The history of earth before the destruction was placed in the crystal and through the priestesses divided in 12 parts, the crystal skulls were manifested into form.

The 13th skull was held by the 13th priestess.

The 13th skull never became manifested into form and the energy has been held by this priestess until now.

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